Thursday, April 29, 2010

How All Life Changes From Within YOU!

There is coming your way a vast storehouse of information which can be used in a helpful manner. It begins and ends with each of you in that it is an expression of the divine within yourselves. When two objects of interest come together there is a mutual acceptance of experience. It is this attraction to which we refer. It is the beginning of the next step in your journeys. It is what we choose to call synchronicity.

When you step into the life cycle you presently find yourselves, you choose a direction. This direction is being guided by infinite wisdom and love. It is a stage of development that comes to you in a progression or order. In this linear reality you choose to accept experience in a linear order although that is totally not true from our perspective. You see, everything is occurring at the same time and the wonder you see in the moment can be felt in all moments of your existence, past present and even your future.

You are on the brink of discovering who you really are in your power and your own wisdom. You are part of the whole and not separate from the creator. You have total understanding which can be accessed simply by allowing it.

When you observe negative thoughts, you are only judging those thoughts to be unacceptable and then attempt to release them from your experience. If one can rise above the judgment of them being negative and accept they are just another side of the coin of "One", then you can allow them through your consciousness without harm. It is only in the judging of the thought that creates the dam or backup of energy which you feel inappropriate.

From our perspective there is no right or wrong and no right or wrong thought. They are only that, thoughts. When neutralized by love and acceptance they cannot be manifested. Your adherence to this statement will serve as proof in your own reality.

Sounds or vibrations create feelings within the human instrument. They resonate or disturb but all come from the same source, the creator within you. Allowing these vibrations to penetrate your psyche will serve to provide understanding when viewing from a non-judgmental perspective. Simply allow your bodies to feel how they react to the vibration and make choices as to the most harmonious you choose to be influenced by. What is true for one will be disturbing to another. In this physical experience choose only to find that which is harmonious to you and judge not what others desire.

Now, let’s move onto another subject for there is much dissension in the field of energy. It is an extensively talked about phenomenon these days. It is discussed in the areas of healing as well as destruction. Again, we reiterate, the effect is found only in the judgment. All is energy and can be used from any perspective. When viewing from a state of love, the energy can be transformed into that state. The energy judged as detrimental, harmful or unpleasant can be transmuted into the vibration of love simply by adding this attribute to the mix. Do you understand? There is no bad energy, no destructive energy. There is only energy lacking in love. Love transmutes all vibration, therefore all sound.

When you observe your news stories filled with what you call negativity, it is within your power to transmute the energy totally by adding the aspect of love to every situation. You are an important piece of the human puzzle. Your single contribution in this area affects the entirety of human experience. When you rise above the judgment and apply the vibration of love, you are making a change in human evolution. You are increasing the frequency of the planet and her inhabitants by your single perspective of non-judgment. We reiterate. The negativity you see on your news stations is simply an absence of love and you can change that by a simple shift in your own perspective. When enough people shift their perspective, the entire planet will shift into the higher frequency for which she strives.

Your lives, as you see them in this present moment can be changed by a simple shift in the perspective. To add love to every single situation in which you find yourselves can alter your experience in a heartbeat. If you find yourselves short of monetary support, add love and accept it as a loving experience and watch it change. Shift your attention entirely from the lack of something onto something you love and you will attract more of what you love.

If you find your jobs unsatisfactory begin to add love to what you do and love what it is teaching you about yourselves. Begin by loving even one small part of what you do and observe how it attracts more feelings of love. In time you will either love what you do or you will attract a new occupation for vibrations always attract like vibrations. Do you see how you can not attract a job you love doing if you are in the judgmental vibration of dislike. You must first begin to love something and build upon that energy. The love vibration will always win over lower frequencies of negativity, dislike and fear.

There is only one life-sustaining energy in the universe and that is the frequency of Love.

When love is applied to ANYTHING, it changes.

Be In Peace

Monday, March 29, 2010

You Can Fulfill Your Dreams Now

The beginning is here. You can fulfill your dreams now. You are but to allow into your existence that which makes you feel happy and joyful. To express the creator aspect of your inner most selves is open for your wildest dreams. What do you want, what do you want to experience, what are your dreams and wishes? Where do you want to live and how do you wish to spend the greater part of your day? If you have not allowed yourself the freedom to dream, it is time to begin the process for it cannot come to you unless you have created it first within the recesses of your hearts desire.

There are stages to the execution of a dream. First you must decide what you wish, then you must simply place your attention upon that wish fulfilled and hold that vision within your heart. As you activate it with movement within the dream, you shall give it life and breath. See yourself in the midst of your dream doing what you love to do. Notice the freedom you feel expressing yourself in this manner. Notice those around you are benefitting from your joy. It is contagious.

Stand within your heart center and activate now the dreams you have so long repressed. They are yours; accept your power as the divine being you are. Your life outcome is in your hands so begin accepting the responsibility that nothing happens from outside yourself; ALL begins within YOU. You can no longer place the cause of your circumstance outside of yourself and upon others, or the government, your job or your parents, etc. It is all YOU. This being so, it is completely within YOUR power to change where you are and what you experience. YOU created it and YOU can change it. Your life is a blank slate from this moment on and you can begin to paint your life as you prefer it to be. Imagine your most incredible life of peace and joy. It is here. It is here.

At this very moment others are trying to reach you from their heart to yours. There is an awakening occurring and humanity wants to re-connect with itself in order to feel the wholeness that we are. There is great energy here to support this movement and many of you can feel it. Something is different you say. Something is happening you feel. Yes, the other aspects of yourselves are awakening and reaching out for the other parts to merge into the oneness, the whole. You see, there is no separation and there are no limits at all.

Dream the most outrageous life you ever dared imagine. Become as big and as powerful in your own life that you have always been. Watch as humanity transforms itself into its magnificence.

May The Blessings Be

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Truth Is In The Perspective

Staying within the guidelines of a current lifetime requires you to constantly re-evaluate the state in which you find yourself. If you are desirous to understand the purpose, there is a method which assists you in identifying the message. Stand within an inner circle of inner beings or inner masters and feel what each is offering you on a vibratory level.

You can identify the level by how you feel. The better you feel the higher the frequency. With the palm of your hand upward, extend it toward one of these inner beings. Now request with your heart to know the messages and lessons to be learned in your space time. Allow the energy to permeate your entire body as you feel the messages enter your body and subconscious.

If you want to know more from this particular master or being, then request additional information via your heart center or feeling center. Ask with the feeling. When it is perceived by the master, it will be readily acknowledged and returned to you with an understanding. When you are satisfied with the conclusion of this being, go onto the next one and repeat the process. If you feel it necessary to reposition yourself in front of one previously questioned, do so.

Trust yourself, follow your feelings and continue the process until you feel a satisfactory conclusion has been reached. This is a very powerful method for receiving explanations for predicaments you create from human behavior. It creates a link between your human experience and the higher intent or spiritual lesson involved. If you conclude it has been worthwhile and you have learned what you need to know, you will receive a feeling of finality or closure on the matter. Many times this only precedes the next step involved in the same letting go of an attitude or belief that has held one attached to the human experience.

The fear that is held in the human vehicle prevents much spiritual evolution and as it is released, spirit is allowed to take control and lead the human into
a more peaceful existence while maintaining a spiritual perspective. This type of experience can only be made through the human instrument. It is one of living in the human form, complete with its incredible range of emotions and keeping a spiritual vigil on every thought and action. It is an amazing experience and can be immensely fulfilling once the love for the self, that divine part of the self, that eternal force within one is allowed to express through this marvelous machine we call the human body.

What a grand experience it is to glimpse the depths of negativity and in the same lifetime acknowledge the spirit within every act and every word. In Truth there is neither good nor bad if one lives in this world of duality but not of it. To rise above the judgment is to truly live above duality.

It is more than just living; it is accepting the god or supreme force in all that is. It is accepting that everything that happens has a reason and a purpose to serve us, that there is love in all that we experience. In times of adversity and pain, there is love so great from the creator, one is allowed the experience of growth and given the freedom to struggle through to an enlightened awareness of the reasons.

Within you lies a great energy of intense gratitude for the creator. The creator provides the elements for growth, the human individual makes the choices for experience and in the final chapter, they merge to become whole. This wholeness cannot be experienced fully unless the full range has integrated into the experience. Until the bowels of hell can be recognized as the love of the creator, can one experience Truth. To know that this is indeed god allowing us the full range of human experience only to learn it is all god.

To have experienced the entire spectrum is to become whole. To be grateful for the experience is to win Grace.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


The variety of dimensions you can incur will overwhelm you and stagger the imagination. All we have to offer you about dimensions would be a volume in itself. First let's begin with the vibratory rate of the various dimensional levels within your physical universe. There is a multitude of experience in this universe alone. If you add them to the other universes you begin to correlate the total information and form a network of vibratory links that can communicate with one another when the principles are understood.

If you wish to contact someone or entity on another dimensional level, first you must equate your own personal vibration to that of the receiver. Once this is done the communication can take place. For instance, if you wish to astral communicate, you must bring the level of your physical form up to the level of this plane. You can do this by simply intending it to be so, then contemplating on it. This increases the intention in vibration and attracts an additional link to this plane. Continue to place your intention upon this goal. Now, as you do, you will begin to feel the transitory nature of the focus. It will begin to change before your very eyes; your minds eye that is.

As you continue to process the information as it grows and you maintain the original intent, the vibration of your body will alter and you may notice a feeling in the physical vehicle that is changing. It begins to vibrate or feel like it is vibrating. Continue the focus. The longer you can maintain the clarity of focus, the more in tune you will be with that which you wish to communicate. Now as you bend your thoughts to encompass the incoming information, it may be difficult to keep the doubts at bay. If you come back to the original intention when this happens you will feel more supported.

As you increase your vibration, accept what is coming in about this intention. It will begin to alter, yet become even more than the original intention. You will feel the expansion within your center of focus. If you overlay another and greater intention upon the original, other thoughts emerge and increase in magnitude from the original. Now sit in front of your intention and feel it enter into your physical form. This is something that you must feel to be wholly accepting. It will change your physical feelings.

The secret to attaining this frequency is in accepting that you already have it rather than coming from a place of not having it. When your attention is re-directed to it not being there, that is the intention you are embellishing. See the completed picture and feel what it is like to communicate in this casual manner.

Dimensions are nothing more than vibratory levels. These dimensions are overlaid upon one another in the ever present Now. It is the intention of this information to assist you in presenting your intentions in order to travel in the various levels of reality. This is not your imagination, nor is it a ploy to discredit your present belief system. It is only to allow you options to experiment with other reality forms. Upon exploring these levels should you refuse to accept it as a reality for yourself, so be it.

In the everyday process of existence you are continually changing your vibrations by the manner of your thinking. In so doing, you are altering the experience in which you find yourselves. If you increase the level of your thinking to that of higher thoughts and feelings, your reality will follow as night the day. If you allow these continual thoughts of lack and unhappiness to dominate, it will be the reality in which you experience until you elect to change your causal thinking.

Realize that you are the processor of the thoughts. You are the one who orders your existence and reality by the sheer volume of thinking that you do on a regular basis. Not only do you project the thoughts but also they are supported by the feelings that accompany the emptiness you feel on a continual basis. The feeling that something is missing is a common one among you.

The first stage of altering your experience is discovering your thinking habits on a regular basis. When you are alone, or in a compromising situation, what is your common thought pattern? Are you maintaining the focus upon the situation you desire or is the fear of or doubt that you can have the experience, blocking your ability to feel positive outcomes and belief in miracles? What would happen if it became exactly as you desired? Have you thought about this? Do you find this a frightening possibility? If you were given all you wish for would your life be as you desire. It is important to explore this subject carefully, for you may be resisting the changes that accompany such desires. It may be you really do like the place in which you find yourself due to its feeling of comfort and familiarity. Carefully examine the motives behind your desires.

Dimensions are nothing more than alternating frequencies in overlapping realities. If you want to discover new states, you must first explore the possibilities of alternate realities from the one in which you find yourself living. If this reality requires change, it must first occur within your own personal universe. To do this, simply go within and ask to be shown the other realities available to you.

The tendency to eliminate the possibilities of change is the first to be conquered. Tackle this obstacle before you begin by allowing the potential within yourself to emerge victorious. Take within the reality you wish to reach. It is already there awaiting your access by matching vibrationally with it. The overlapping realities are only a perception. It must be accepted in order to become your dominatig reality. Nothing you doubt or disbelieve can come to you. It is simply not in harmony vibrationally.

Dimensional shifts occur when an entity decides to move into another potential. It is only a matter of closing the door on the prsent existence and opening to the possibility of another. As one does this it establishes a contact with that other realm and through the vibrational match, communication begins to occur. Once the connection is made it is only allowing the existing information to reach your conscious awareness. At this stage, one begins to believe. As the commuication becomes more steady and the knowingness develops, the reality becomes more stable in the belief system. It is only a matter of establishing the belief of the reality and it thus becomes so.

Now if you sustain this belief, univeral law supports it. It is simply a facsimile or picture being placed over your present belief. This does not alter the reality of the existence of such a realm. It is a paradox in that all reality perceived in the lower worlds is an illusion made up of belief systems and patterns of attitudes. One can experiment with all these realites and make them as real as one chooses. Don't underestimate the power of the illusion, for it has real impact upon your present form. It is a vibration to which you apply form and color and depth. Anything you can imagine or conceive does exist somewhere awaiting your vibrational match to it.

However, do not dissuade your attention from your ultimate purpose, which is to rise above all these realities into the worlds of infinite source where nothing exists in duality. Duality is only a product of thinking and judgment in the lower worlds of reality. Does the word illusion distract you from believing? All is real in the eyes of the beholder. Remember that. It does have an effect and a power in your physical form and in the present realm of your existence. Destroy not the belief in your god source within. From that source comes all your reality and all your experiences. When you focus upon this internal force, the illusionary becomes the solid and steadfast. The most powerful of all energy. Rising above the duality of physical judgment..the power of the one in the many.
When this super source of energy is accessed, all realities become pale by comparison. For in this world above the dual worlds exists love. Love is the bottom line of all experience. Love is all there is. When one discovers this magnificent truth his world begins to change. When love is the motive and the driving force behind all action, worlds change with ease. There is no longer a need to focus on more pleasant realities for love is all there is. Love is the sustaining force behind life and the most pleasant and blissful of all experience. The lower worlds are only the testing ground for soul to perfect itself into this magnificent state. The state of divine love is unexplainable and indescribable.

The illusion in which you find yourself is no more than your thought, beliefs and expectations. It is the sum total of all you think as your potential or your limits. If you underscore limits you may feel a sense of familiarity. Since this is the one place you put most of your waking attention, it stands to reason this will be the hardened reality you have created to experience. Now realities are as illusionary as dreams. It is only a matter of decision and attention. Alter the attention and follows is a new reality.

Nothing more can alter the reality except your own change of attitudes, supported by those in agreement with it. When a number or a multitude support the same belief systems a reality exists that is more difficult to change. One can alter ones own personal universe, but to change the agreeing illusion takes a unified decision and focus. Focus then is the key to altering the reality. Decision, then thought, then focus of attention. Without intention, nothing changes. It is all in the intention..the intention to change.

Of course, one can always come back to the first reality at any time. It is all a matter of choice. What do you choose today?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What Does Life REFLECT Back To YOU?

Life is an extension of the inner thoughts and feelings we hold at all levels of our beliefs and experience. When the mirror of life reflects to us an image, we have an opportunity to uncover the mysteries that lie deep within our subconscious that we are unaware exist. As we unravel the puzzle, the picture we hold of ourselves becomes increasingly clear. If you understand that nothing happens from outside of yourself, that no cause exists outside your own thoughts and feelings, you begin to take responsibility for the life you have created thus far and extend an intent to change what you have, if it is not to your liking. Only then does your life begin to change.

You are not a victim and your situation is not the result of anyone elses ill feelings toward you or desire to bring harm or shame to you in any way. They are but displaying for you, like a movie or a play, exactly what you are holding about yourself. Look at the situation, as only you view it, and begin to ask yourself the questions regarding this picture that relates to how you relate to yourself or your life.

If, for example, you are viewing someone with anger about an issue, how does that anger reflect the anger you may have toward yourself about the same issue or perhaps the opposite issue? Perhaps you only see in the other person what you are not allowing yourself the freedom to express. It is always a reflection of the attitudes you hold about yourself in the deep recesses of the subconscious.

Mary, we will call her, had a co-worker that she found very annoying to be around because she always had to be right about everything. She would carry on at length about something she obviously knew nothing about which Mary found most objectionable. Mary tried everything to get the lady to leave or move to another department. The more forceful she became the more annoying the lady's behavior seemed to be.

When Mary learned the truth about the reflections life was offering her about herself, she examined how this attitude of being right applied to her. She regrettably admitted that she indeed, herself, felt small and worthless is she was found to be wrong about anything at all.

When she owned this attitude as her own, that life was reflecting back to her, she reached in to identify the old feelings of needing to be right about everything. She realized she was a worthwhile person and it was acceptable to not have all the answers. When she accomplished this full, the lady did move to another department.

Vivian was rooming with a close friend, Marge. Marge found herself without a car for a period of time and requested Vivian drive her to and from work. In the beginning Vivian was happy to assist. Marge became more demanding of being driven everywhere she needed to go and made no effort to obtain another vehicle. Then she was put on night shift and expected Vivian to pick her up at 3 in the morning. The angrier Vivian became about being taken advantage of, the more Marge expected she inconvenience herself.

When asked what annoyed her the most, Vivian's reply was, "Marge always thinks of herself first." Vivian had a life-long pattern of self-sacrifice. She was unable to keep gifts and feeling guilty about the receiving would in turn give them to another. Life was reflecting back to Vivian the inability to give to herself. The lack of self worth was being demonstrated by Marge demanding what she needed. Marge was only responding to the inner feeling of unworthiness Vivian held about receiving what she desired of life.

The universe and everything in it is a vibration or energy. Our beliefs and feelings are energy. Indeed, the human instrument is a package of energy. When this package vibrates itself through life, it is putting out energy to which life responds. It has to attract a like energy, therefore, it reflects back to us a like vibration. It is only a reflection of what we are holding within. . . our beliefs and attitudes and how we fit into the universe. It is an opportunity to release the unwanted and unnecessary beliefs and replace them with the Truth, that you are perfect just as you are. The Truth that you are part of God's plan, that all good things are there for you.

Be In Truth


Saturday, January 30, 2010


There is but one god, spirit, force, and that is the god that lives within you as the vibrant existence you call your life. At this juncture there is an opening through which you can travel that allows you to experience the oneness for which you search. It is the one path we all must learn to travel to find peace and security. For all else is an illusion of the mind set forth through the desires of the physical self in its longing to feel whole. When you separate yourself from this one core source, you become a victim of circumstance, a victim of the illusion in which you find yourself trapped. Now, stand if you will in the silence of the unmanifested oneness and allow this energy to peruse your physical form. Quiet the mind and go into the full sense of you, the unmanifested spark of god from which we are all a part. You now stand at the threshold of the almighty and from this point in the wholeness you can create for you are in a state of surrender and the most powerful state you can be. It is called the Now, God, Spirit, and numerous other names but it is still the unmanifested source from which all things become manifest.

At this precipice you can allow the creation of the god force to flow through your physical form into this plane you know as physcal and become hardened reality from the mental perspective. Yet is is only a temporary, false reality. The true reality is only known in the space of the oneness from which all things come. All sound originates from this same oneness and is yet another illusion created by the mind. To let go of the mental state in which you find yourself you begin to understand and feel what truth is. Truth is not everything you see, truth is not everything you view but is only the substance from which all things come.

Clarity begins to come to one who moves into this state of nothingness. It is the space between words, the space between musical notes, and the space between the atoms of the chair on which you sit. It is everything that you do not see. Feel for the essence for it will communicate with you through this feeling center in your physical vehicle. You will know truth by the way you feel once you have released the fear or attachment to anything or all things. Creation is but an illusion. Truth is the only reality. Visit this space twice a day and you will begin to see your life, the illusion, change. It will begin to dissolve the disharmony you feel and lead you to a brighter tomorrow. Trust, feel, know.

May The Blessings Be

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do You Acknowlege Yourself?

Each step that is incurred as a developing soul is encumbered by the negativity that surrounds it in the lower worlds of creation. From this point, one must decide which way he is to journey on the path of his own evolution. As you progress along this highway of freedom, prosperity, and enlightnment, you will encounter many obstacles that must be overcome in order to relinquish the hold the negativity has upon you. As this is done each moment becomes a miracle and each thought a journey into the oneness of all that is. When you reach this point, there is nothing that stands in your way of acknowledging the perfect being you are.

You are a perfect being from the moment you are born upon this planet and in this reality. It is only a matter of allowing the magnificent creative spirit or energy to flow through you in every moment of your day. If you but allow the supreme sound current to permeate your life and body, you will see miracles in every moment.

Courage helps to find love in this lower realm of existence, for through it you are lifted into heights of joy and awareness. You will be overcome with the possibilities that exist for you. You will begin to know there is nothing you cannot do or achieve. It is simply a matter of self-acceptance, the perfection of yourself as soul and the knowledge you have all the tools you need to succeed on all levels of your existence.

Now where, you ask, does this journey begin and how do I get started? It is a question you must first ask yourself. Who am I in truth? Why am I here and where do I wish to go? If you can answer these questions from the perspective of truth you are on the right track. As soul, you are perfection from the very beginning. From that point you take on life experiences in various realities to experience and learn and begin to know who you really are in truth. . . soul. But many things get in your way as you allow the negative to influence your thinking and your knowledge. You are told you are nothing, you can't do what you want, you can't have what you want and you feel small and insignificant. Does this sound or feel familiar to you? If it does, begin now to know you are a perfect being. As you travel the days of your experience you will uncover the truth behind the beliefs you have for so long held. You will realize you are the one who has chosen to take on these beliefs by allowing the opinions and influences outside yourself to change your thinking. From inside you begin to mold into a being of acceptance from the outer world and changing your behavior to that of their expectancy of you. Have you not done and said things against your own feelings for fear others will ridicule and condemn you? Have you not spoken in haste and regretted what you said for fear it would hurt someone else?. Can you honestly say you give yourself the same consideration? Do you allow yourself the freedom and the right to be wrong, to be loud, to be free in expression? Do you allow yourself the space to experience and feel and learn? Do you condemn yourself for doing the wrong thing, or saying the wrong thing or can you simply know you have had an experience, learned the result and learned for a future moment?

Can you honestly give youself the freedom to be the true expression of this magnificent creative force that flows through you and experience every moment in its fullest without the fear of repercussion? Can you just be the child that learns, explores and experiences, feels joy, feels sadness, feels loneliness and moves on from the experience as simply a step in the journey? Can you let go of the self-judgment you hold long enough to let an ounce of love flow through toward yourself, this true and perfect vessel of divine influence. You can do no wrong. You can only experience and learn. You are the truth, you are the oneness and you are everything and everyone. There is no separation and you are not apart from anyone else or anything else. It is simply all a part of the same ONE. When you can allow yourself to be the best of the best that you already are, you will accept what you judge as frailties and allow yourself to experience life. You are here to learn and to grow. You will be giving to the whole when you begin to love yourself unconditionally just as you may toward a loved one in your life. Imagine yourself in their place and give yourself the attention, the space, the allowance for mistakes, and the freedom to be, as you would give that same freedom to them. As a result your life will begin to change as you open to this flow of love in action; this love that flows unconditionally and allows everything to be a perfect expression of the divine.

So Be It

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


As the mystic steps into his hell, the worlds begin to change realities within realities. All becomes a flood of confusion, illusion, bliss and pain. If one remains true to the path the veils begin to fade and the Truth begins to shine forth. Within all the frailties of the human condition, one finds the magnificence of the master. Each, in becoming the master, chooses actions, thoughts and emotions to clear and restore the faith that succumbed to lower world beliefs and assumptions. As one progresses upon the ladder of Spirit, the doorways to freedom replace the barricaded walls of the past; the past pain, the past conditions; the illusory perspectives within ones own soul. Therein lays the beginning of love. For without love there can be no gain, no insight, and no progress. The love that sustains the universes sustains us all and within that element lies ones own Truth. For to love oneself as a part of this continuing expanding Allness, lies the seed of eternity. Once the integration of the multi dimensional selves is complete the physical realm becomes the spiritual realm for in Truth there is no separation. In Truth the altering circumstances are only in the perspective. To unravel the mystery of the human condition is to go forth in Spirit. It is to master this condition by merging it with Spirit in a divine wholeness. To be grateful for the human condition is to accept soul perspective. Every life condition expresses the fullness of Spirit. Embrace your human condition, love your circumstances and be grateful to be whole in the eyes of God. Be God.

Within the dimensional realms, one begins to search for a Truth and clarity to ones human self. To accept and embrace it is the beginning of universal Oneness. Surfacing within the hearts of the masses is the courage to realize and accept that all creation has been self-actualized. Upon the road to freedom are the many obstacles placed there by ones very own limitation and judgment of the self. The very obstacles that hold one back are those placed there by the individual himself. To accept responsibility for these creations and to allow forgiveness for self-hate and self-destruction is the first step upon the path of love; to love oneself as the God one is To love the self as one loves those dear is to place the God self as an equal to the creator. To accept ones divine self is to accept all parts of the human self.

Before one commences through the spiritual gate into freedom, one must allow all the limitations to be accepted as self inflicted and accepted and loved for the reasons they served. Acknowledging they no longer serve is the first step in releasing them. No longer do the old judgments and beliefs fit into the reality of love. Each and every one of you is God in expression. All aspects of the self are God and to deny any part is to deny God itself. In the wholeness of the All, to deny one part is to deny it all. You are perfect. You have always been perfect. The last and most important one is to believe this is you. Every experience is a co creation to serve those involved. There can be neither bad nor good but only what one learns from the experience to catapult one along the path of Spirit. To rise above judgment of bad and good is to live heaven on the physical plane. To hold no judgment toward the self, toward others, toward any circumstance is to live in the world but not of it. To allow the Love to fill our hearts for the self is to acknowledge the God within and the wholeness present in the love of God. Can you feel the love within? Can you forgive yourself knowing you are God expressing a multitude of realities in which to know itself more completely? Can you release the negativity of the self to flow away into the reality there was a reason for it? Can you know that you are perfect? Can you accept that all parts of you and your experience and your existence are Divine? When you can do that you can know God. You are a piece of the puzzle of human experience and without you the picture is unfinished. Accept that you are important and already perfect. You always have been. Let go of the judgment you are anything but the Divine, a part of the whole, and a vehicle for the continuing flow of God…positive or negative.

Know you are never alone. Know we, your brothers and your sisters await your awareness of the ever expanding circle of One. All the dimensional selves, all the past selves and all the future selves, are welcoming you into the arms of integrated wholeness. Stand in the conviction you are serving the most by loving all parts of yourself in totality. To stand on judgment is to deny God. Remain open to the flow of Spirit guiding and directing your thoughts and emotions and know there is a clearing taking place in order for the heart to fill with the love that’s always been there for you. Take the leap into your perfection. Not to be godlike and apart, but godlike and human, for in Truth there is no separation.

Be In Peace

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Creator's Intention For Humanity

The adaptation of a new species begins with the intention of the creator. When the intention begins to form the matrix, an avenue of thought opens between the creator and each member of the new species. As the members evolve, the communication between the creator and themselves widens and becomes more conscious. As the species members grow so does the depth of the communication link. As this link becomes stronger, the intention of the creator becomes more prominent within them. Now suffice to say the species known as human that lives presently upon the planet has deepened it's communication channel and now has reached a point in its evolution to begin communication on a conscious level. This is nothing new and has occurred with individuals since the beginning, but it has now reached a proportion whereby the entire species as a collective can begin to understand and see and hear the creator. . . understand the intention and know where they are going. It is all a matter of physics. As the vibratory rate of eah individual rises and the frequency collectively reaches a certain point, this entire species shall move into an entirely new creation that was born of the collective creative thought via the intention of the creator.

The creators vision for the species is reaching a crescendo that matches the intention of the species, therefore, allowing a new form to take shape. It is the original intention and it has occurred. The ramifications of this shift is beginning to show up on this planet and will reveal more of itself in the days ahead. You will be able to watch an entire population become awakened to its true form. It will be an awakening like you have never before experienced for it will embrace the whole of the species. At this time it may seem uncertain to you that a few of you could ever reach this point but it is true. It is happening.

As this change takes place and the tide ebbs, mass development in energies and technology will come forward. The limited consciousness under which you have survived until now will change and you will embrace an entirely new system of government, finance, technology, medicine and awareness. It is in the early stages of manifestation but has truly begun. This state of consciousness was the intention of the creator and you, as individual souls, took on the challenge in order to experience the growth, the awakening and to serve as channels for this divine spirit. Each of you has taken on a specific challenge that, if it has not yet, will become reality in your conscious lives in the immediate future. Be patient as the logistics are measured and put into place. It is simply a matter of time before you understand your true origin as a species.

Be In Peace