Monday, December 28, 2009

Listen For The Inner Sound

You are at the beginning of the next cycle. In that we mean you are being called to meet your highest potential in the coming months. It is at this time that the forces that guide you and the planet are on the move so to speak. It is a time for rapid change, but an exciting event for your fture and the future of the planet. In the coming age you will suppress the negativity that you have for so long accepted in exchange for the love that is now coming from your hearts and from the higher realms. It is of utmost importance you open your heart and your inner ears for the sound that will be occurring to most of you. The sound is the voice of Source and the balancing pillar to the light you have witnessed thus far. It is the beginning of the world of Source. In the beginning was the word. You will begin to hear THE WORD of God in your inner ears. Listen closely. It will sound like the murmur of the trees, the sound of a flute, the tinkling of bells, the music of the spheres, etc. It will come to you when you least expect it and you will awaken with the sound in your inner hearing. Begin to develop this awareness for it is the source of your support.

At this time, we would like to congratulate you for a job well done. The events for which you came are now upon you and the beginning of the new age is dawning within your worlds. As you go forth in your day, be grateful for the experiences you have sustained in this earth realm. Know that each and every experience was to serve you on your chosen path. Be mindful of the states in which you find yourself so as to correct any misguided thoughts or attention. As you speak, so shall you experience. Be thoughtful to those around you for they are expressions of you. They are only there to assist you through this process.

Now that we have come to an end of this particular classroom experience, know that you are loved and supported and that you have everything you need to go forth. Go with love.

In Peace,

Hansa Bubbles

Monday, December 7, 2009


As you pass various portals there begins to take form many potentials and many tasks that have occurred in your memory or not yet produced a memory you can recall. The past, the present and the future all exist simultaneously in your experience. You may visit or revist any one of these anytime you chooose. Realizing this, let's begin the trek through time and dimensions and visit what you have produced, a totality of your experiences. Not only can you change your future by alternative choice; this is also true of your past. It is a fluid experience in the framework of the illusion of time. You can change your past and you can alter the future you have presented based upon your experiences thus far in time.

The network of pathways that open doorways to your various incarnations or lifetime experiences can be altered, expanded, eliminated or even discovered. It is like operating a piece of machinery that you know well, however, discover that it has abilities or functions unknown before. Once you have opened the possibility of moving beyond the accepted limitations, you can explore new territory. You are now on new ground and your footing is unsure, and your belief is no doubt being challenged. Can this be possible? Do I really have the power to change my past or alter my future? Of course this is a decision you must make if you wish to venture inside the multi-dimensional ball of illusion. For now, we simply wish to explore what is currently laid down as your total experience.

To go what you would call back in time you must first give up the notion you are only human and its accompanying limitations. You are much more than you perceive in this moment. Let's begin by allowing in your mind's eye the visions that come as a result of breathing the following breath technique.

Sit with your eyes closed and breathe deeply until you feel your lungs would burst. When they are completely filled with air, breathe one more breath as deeply as you can. Then hold this breath as long as you can. When you feel you are nearly going to explode push all of the air from your lungs with a forceful blow. Do this three times, then sit quietly and observe what begins to present itself in your mind's eye.

Continue to breathe evenly and deeply, relaxing and allowing forms to come forth. You may feel your body going into some resistance or fear. Simply keep breathing deeply, smoothly and relax. Allow it to occur without forcing your mind to work. Relax. As you practice this technique, it will become easier and easier and you will discover holding your breath will become easier in the first three breaths.

Once the stream of pictures, memories, or knowing begins simply allow it to continue and linger on the ones that you desire more information. When you focus upon one particular event, it shall unfold for you to the extent you allow and not let your mind begin to argue or doubt what you are seeing or remembering. Once your mind begins to doubt you must let go and know this is your history presenting itself to you. It will take practice to quiet the mind. Once it becomes a familiar technique, the mind will become accustomed to the process and will relax and you can more readily access the information you seek. Wach the coming pictures and feel your way through them. What does each experience produce in your emotional self? What energy is present with each?

On your timeline, there have been many choices and many still remain available to you. This fluid experience can be altered at any given time by your own decision to change it. If you wish your life to be different in your present experience, use this technique and return to the experience that produced the current effect to learn how you can alter the outcome.

Time is only an illusion you have accepted as a human third dimensional experience. It is an illusion of agreement by the collective consciousness. It is about to change drastically and your old perspective of this time will fade into a memory and you will have more conscious access to your own totality. It is this event that is shaping your world at this time and creating the upheaval in the life of the planet and everyone on it. It is something you must feel. It is something for which you must lay your mind aside because your mind wants to make logical sense in time. You will begin experiencing your life from a non-logical perspective, which is very foreign to the human body. You will open to new awareness of dimensions that have been unavailable to you because of the beliefs in limitation that you hold. You really can access all your dimensional selves simultaneously.

Focus upon your dreams for they also will help you access your memories. They are keys to the doors you may wish to open. They are a communication with your other selves and your present self. They will be communicating to you in this form to bypass the minds' belief system. Once you are given the keys, simply focus upon them using the above technique. After the three breaths, focus upon a dream or dream symbol and it will open the door to that experience. You are beginning a journey of discovery into the many dimensional experiences that comprise your totality. It is a voyage you take based upon the decision you make to do so. It will uncover many answers for you,present adventure, and allow creation beyond your wildest imagination. Give yourself permission to travel through time and remember. To release a concept held in the mind can be very unnerving. You will feel resistance at times. The more you remember, the easier it will become.

Be In Peace