Saturday, January 30, 2010


There is but one god, spirit, force, and that is the god that lives within you as the vibrant existence you call your life. At this juncture there is an opening through which you can travel that allows you to experience the oneness for which you search. It is the one path we all must learn to travel to find peace and security. For all else is an illusion of the mind set forth through the desires of the physical self in its longing to feel whole. When you separate yourself from this one core source, you become a victim of circumstance, a victim of the illusion in which you find yourself trapped. Now, stand if you will in the silence of the unmanifested oneness and allow this energy to peruse your physical form. Quiet the mind and go into the full sense of you, the unmanifested spark of god from which we are all a part. You now stand at the threshold of the almighty and from this point in the wholeness you can create for you are in a state of surrender and the most powerful state you can be. It is called the Now, God, Spirit, and numerous other names but it is still the unmanifested source from which all things become manifest.

At this precipice you can allow the creation of the god force to flow through your physical form into this plane you know as physcal and become hardened reality from the mental perspective. Yet is is only a temporary, false reality. The true reality is only known in the space of the oneness from which all things come. All sound originates from this same oneness and is yet another illusion created by the mind. To let go of the mental state in which you find yourself you begin to understand and feel what truth is. Truth is not everything you see, truth is not everything you view but is only the substance from which all things come.

Clarity begins to come to one who moves into this state of nothingness. It is the space between words, the space between musical notes, and the space between the atoms of the chair on which you sit. It is everything that you do not see. Feel for the essence for it will communicate with you through this feeling center in your physical vehicle. You will know truth by the way you feel once you have released the fear or attachment to anything or all things. Creation is but an illusion. Truth is the only reality. Visit this space twice a day and you will begin to see your life, the illusion, change. It will begin to dissolve the disharmony you feel and lead you to a brighter tomorrow. Trust, feel, know.

May The Blessings Be

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