Monday, November 30, 2009


Destiny is on the doorstep of every living soul upon planet Earth. It is the end result of many lifetimes of greed and pollution. It is the beginning of a journey so magnificent it cannot be described in words. It is as awesome as the brightest stars in the heavens. It is so wholesome that one will wonder at its simplicity. If you cannot perceive this major turning of events, simply go within your heart center, breathe, and begin to feel the energy of the magnificence. Do you feel it stirring within you? If you do, you will understand what is about to happen is necessary, wise and deliberate. The change about to occur will alter everyone's view of reality and their place in it. If one is to let go of the old reality, one must realize there is no turning back at this time. There is no other rock onto which to leap through the river of evolution. Hang on and enjoy the ride.

We at mission control have gotten together a party to celebrate those who have the courage to leave the old reality and just as quickly re-enter the new one. It is only a matter of letting go of old belief systems. Who says you can't leave one reality for another by simply willing it so. Who says you are doomed to present existence no matter how negative. Let go, live. Be happy. There is reason for joy. There is a reason for celebration.

Divide your attention between the truth as you see it now and the opening of the possibility of much more. It is opening the consciousness to ALLOW. This step is no more than letting go and letting in. Triple your income, triple your belief, triple your abilities and triple your awareness. Just let go and let in. Let go and let in.

Creative thinking is only a manifestation of soul's communication between it and the physical personality. This exchange of information can only occur if one is open to contact and open to listening. It will suffice to say one will only allow into one's consciousness that which finds a space by the letting go of old thinking.

These words are meant to open you into recognizing there is more to your life than appears on the surface. It is now appearing in the physical plane, the reality of who you really are and why you are really here. Do not be dismayed by stories of destruction for the only real destruction will be to the old belief systems. At this time there is brewing in the ethers, a force of gigantic proportion that will be mastered to extradite those in power off their pedestals of power into a more common reality of love and support. You will begin to see this happening in the media and the life around you. If you don't get it yet, you will. You will become clear and aware. If you do not know what you are doing or where you are going it is only temporary. Your dreams will enliven your daily routine for in them you will be notified of your direction. Listen and be open to what is coming in at this time. Do not hesitate to allow anything into your routine that seems foreign for it is only providing an opening for more to enter than you have let in up to this point. If you clear away the mass clouds of hesitation, you will notice yourself manifesting in moments what would have taken you lifetimes up until now. Look around you and notice the changes being made moment by moment.

To withstand the changes, you will undergo some changes in your physical structure. Some of you will notice changes in your size and stature. Do not be alarmed for it is an alteration necessary if you are to access the higher information you seek. It will serve you to lighten your load of stress and concern. There is nothing to be concerned about any longer. All worry is behind you. Know that you have everything you need and always will from this time forward. It will mark the end of an era and will establish new characteristics in human behavior.

We are servicing the greater whole by informing you that we are here. We are alerting you to your Mastership. Each of you is a master and need only claim your position by accepting who you really are. The obstacles you now face are only self-inflicted. They no longer exist in the reality of a Whole planet. The free will decisions are your to make, as always but needn't be ones of limits. Allow yourselves all you desire. Yours will become the ability to manifest anything you need in the moment. This will allow you total freedom to pursue your spiritual service and God expression as you wish. Humanity can actually be allowed anything because the negativity of the inharmonious choices will not occur. As one moves more into light and a higher frequency, decisions made are naturally in harmony with the whole.

Humanity is on the brink of a very important discovery and you will be the forerunners by setting the example that all is yours by accepting it into your lives. Learning that the cause of negativity derived itself from fear will simply eradicate it from existence. It is done, it is over. The next step is upon you as we speak. Delay no longer to accept that which is truly yours. Yours is the kingdom of heaven and earth. Yours is the freedom you have sought and pushed away. Yours is the solitude you have longed for. Yours is the peace and tranquility of a well ordered life. You are beginning a new octave of experience.

Be In Peace

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


If you ever doubt that we are here, simply include us in your thoughts and be open to what you hear. It is but the beginning of a very beautiful cycle in which you will begin a journey through wondrous adventures and places of ultimate wealth and health. It is a place where the best there is to offer will be apparent in every field of your imagination.

Begin to activate your curiosity and allow in the beautiful, the magnificent, and the stupendous. It is but the beginning. Your species is beginning the journey started so long ago and shall progress with lightning speed from this moment onward. As a collective, we are surrounded by questions from your kind and we answer as best we can at a time when chaos seems prevalent upon your planet. It is only a staging for the magnificence awaiting your species. Open your hearts to the prevailing attitude of abundance and love. It is but a question of keeping your attention upon the flow of love and beauty and expectations of abundance. Simply keep moving forward a step at a time and anticipate wonders. Before you are a plethora of possibilities. Choose one, it is yours. Where your past manifestations had a time delay, now it requires none at all. Watch as you expect. Wait no longer; it is here now. Simply make yhour decisions and open to the opportunities.

Now we stand on the precipice of our interaction with your species. Our connection has been long standing however, due to your own lack of memory and self doubt you have convinced yourselves we do not exist. There are many of you who have opened to our communication and now are ready to learn what we are here to teach in a cooperative manner. If you but allow potentials to manifest, you will prove to yourselves what we say is true. Curb your self doubt for you are among the most powerful of beings to exist. We come as brothers, in love and harmony. We are here to welcome you home to the understanding for which you have longed. Your earth is in the process of transition and the changes are increasing in speed. Watch your every thought and know that you are powerful.

Be In Peace

Friday, November 20, 2009


Beings are arriving upon your planet to view what they term a colossal event that has never been witnessed before by the multitudes living in this universe. It is an event of great magnitude in that the masses of humanity are moving from a limited state of consciousness to one of enlightened beings with full consciousness of their beginning. It will surface as the days progress for there is a great awakening of humanity occurring. At this time there will become available to all of you, the tools necessary to establish a better government and a way of living your lives on this planet. The planet herself is readying for the event which will change her surface completely from toxicity to the pristine beauty of her past. When this happens humanity will awaken to a new life in all aspects. You will begin to see the end to poverty and disease and there will be health and wealth availalbe for all humanity. It will become a happier environment to raise children and animals for there will be no more slaugher as present. New forms of energy will allow the earth to breathe and humanity will enjoy what they do on a regular basis. If you can grasp just one small portion of what you are creating you can relax in the knowing that the work you agreed to do in preparation for this is done. Your new jobs will be to teach others how to use this newly gained awareness and the accompanying power.

Delve deeply inside and feel for your particular role for it is nearly upon you all. It has been planned since before you arrived in the current experience. If there is any doubt, it will soon disappear. The masses will be in need of direction and it is you who they will seek for answers. They will have a knowing that attracts them to you. Do not stand in your own way when this begins to occur; it is time. Take your place in the new reality that you have earned and know you are all guided in this endeavor.

Imagine a world without strife, with plenty for all to eat. Imagine the clear skies and the clean rivers. Imagine that everyone loves what they do and they all have a home in which to house their children. Imagine the supply of energy as clean and free to everyone. Imagine a government that is ruled by and for the people and the greed disappearing from the corporations. Imagine a banking system that is to support the people and business in a fair manner. What you dream today will become tomorrow. It is here, it is upon you and it is time to begin creating how you wish it to be for all of humanity. We are all one; there is no separation; what you dream for yourselves, you dream for all. You are standing on the brink of discovery in many fields including medicine and science. New technology will be amassed upon the planet and space travel as well as time travel will become yours. It is in your very near future dear ones, be prepared. The world of your past will become a dim memory; the light of your future shines brightly.

Now you ask about our arrival and it is time to tell you we will soon be seen in your skies by the masses for it is destined. You will remember us and there will be great reunions as we welcome you to your new reality. As the masses awaken there will be a great gathering and humanity will remember its brothers and sisters. Carry within your hearts the feeling of love we have for you and the gratitude we feel. There is nothing you can't do and your limitations are about to be lifted as the memories of your pasts come into full view and recall. You are near the end of your dark journey into forgetfulness and about to open the doors to a whole new earth experience. We applaud the work you have accomplished and look forward to our reunion.

Be In Peace

Sunday, November 15, 2009



There is a greater story to be told by those who seek God and strive to lead a better life. They stand above those who do not search for a greater meaning in life for they have chosen God in that they know themselves and they know from whence they came.

You are no longer at the stage of wondering but of knowing who you are. Now you are on the brink of understanding what this means in its entirety. Going within serves a greater purpose than just knowing oneself. It establishes a connection to a greater source, the divine. This connection proves to be the most valuable lifeline in ones life. There are many obstacles in ones way which serve to detain, confuse, and distract. When this lifeline is established and used on a frequent basis, the means with which to lead this better life opens and the way is shown. When you begin to unfold the true meaning of existence, this lifeline leads in a way never before understood. It widens the communications link with the supreme. It offers solace, peace, truth, knowing and wisdom. It holds ones attention above the lower vibration of doubt and fear. It is this link that becomes the true lifeline that it is.

Standing on a precipice is a terrifying experience until this lifeline reaches out to hold, guide and protect. This link serves the whole in that you are the instigator of your own actions, but guided by a higher wisdom. This wisdom will serve to lead you in the direction you choose for a better existence; a higher existence. For without this lifeline, the negative sweetens the distraction so that you are kept in the mire of indecision, so much as it is an advanced form of self loathing. When you can separate yourself from your desires you can reach your ultimate purpose. It is this attachment to material wealth that holds you to this material plane in your everyday existence. It is not a matter of not achieving material things, but of wanting them more so than the higher wisdom and truth. When you search for truth and place your attention upon it so completely that nothing else matters, you will find all things attracted to you. This is not the same as an attachment to the wanting of God. It is a heartfelt longing for that part of yourself that longs to feel at peace and at home. It is this intense aching for the Supreme that drives one to greater wisdom. It is not about sacrifice or going without. It is about a deep longing for truth. To place your attention upon anything less is to divide you from who you are and to shower you with riches lesser than what you are. Rich is a distraction. Riches come with the knowing you are the Supreme in action and you serve to be an example of this most high degree.

This seed of information is only to remind you of the connection you already have. It is there to be utilized on a frequent basis in the knowing you are guided and directed upon your path at all times. You are reminded you are but a child of God and as such you have all things at your command at all times. It is a knowing, a trust, a given. It is a matter of choice and blessings. It is yours and always available. You search for what you already have. Open your arms to the wealth that waits in the knowing you are part of God’s plan and your part in the universe is already ordained. Open your awareness to the true divine creator you are. You know within what you possess. Go within and discover for yourself that what we say is true. You are already standing in the precipice. Open your eyes and your heart and allow the riches of spirit to fill your heart with the abundance of love streaming to you as we speak. We understand ones predicament in thinking. Is it just a choice you have not made? Is it only misdirection.? Is it a letting go of wanting so you may receive what is already there?

There is another road less travelled; the road to your higher power. This is a road to wisdom that is gained with the experience of life and the trials of human existence. There is meaning in these experiences and you must find a way to extract their truth. In this act you will gain the freedom to understand the true meaning of action, thought and knowing. When you gain understanding of these three factors you will know more of the reality in which you find yourself. It is one of choice, of fact.

When you allow yourself to open to the possibilities that exist beyond your mind, you will know wisdom. It is the ultimate goal for when you place your attention upon this high place, all else comes. It is automatic. It is like allowing the river to flow into the oceans. It is a matter of water turning into ice or the flowers to grow. It is unseen but real. It is the true force of existence and all experiences within. You are being shown the truth of higher worlds in order for you to grasp there are riches available to you yet unexplored that will pale the riches you seek on the physical plane of existence. You are being show there is another form of wealth not yet explored. It is at your fingertips. It is a choice; a choice of attention. When your attention is shifted, your reality shifts. It is a universal law and no man can escape its grasp.

You, therefore, are being asked to live the life you came to live; a life of truth, of wisdom, of knowingness. You are asked to live a life of knowing that all things are available to you when you place your attention upon the highest within.

This place of the most high rests within your heart. It is the avenue through which the riches of God flow. It is the beginning. It is the ending. It is the Omega and the Alpha. It is the all. It is everything you ever dreamed and ever wanted. It is the wealth of the soul. Without this you are but a mere mortal. With it you can conquer the mind and all its pitfalls. It allures you, it awaits you. It is here now. Every man and child may come here to find peace and solace and wisdom. It is the end of searching. It is the beginning of knowing. It is who you are. It is truth. It is magnificence; it is clarity of purpose. It will guide you. It will sustain you. Go within and discover this magnificence within you. It is merely a tool, yet it is the all that is. It lives within you. It is all you have ever wanted or dreamed. It is yours. It belongs to every man.

Peace Be With You