Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Book Is FINALLY done!

It has been a long time since I have posted but my time has been spent writing and publishing my new book entitled, "Insight" under the pen name of Judy Tribune.

The collection of thoughts and ideas represent years of my search for answers about the physical reality in which I live.  Eventually I discovered worlds within, beyond my outer physical senses.  These inner worlds are limitless and offer not only experiences but answers to questions I am having at the time.  These worlds, planes, dimensions are opening doors I did not know existed.  Many of the planes within, beyond my physical experience, are void of description, but are very real.

This first book shares my journey through confusing and conflicting beliefs about spirituality to which you, the reader, may relate in some manner.  I experienced much apprehension and fear of judgment about sharing my initial journey until now.  I now depend totally upon my higher guidance.  This book is about me; it is who I am. 

May the blessings be,
Judy Tribune  (Hansabubbles)

Book is available in both Ebook and paperback.  Click on link to purchase.

Search for Meaning

Triumph arose in the face of confusion and conflicting beliefs.  Who am I?  How does life work?  How many realities and dimensions are there?  Can I change my reality?  When my search for answers began, I was open to any information that may shed light on the reality of “me.”  I knew I was “soul,” but in which mission did I choose to enlist as this personality or collection of personalities?  It became extremely helpful to me to understand how I personally fit into the scheme of things and how all my beliefs fit into this same scheme.  Whenever I tried to learn the meaning of truth, many options and viewpoints, opposing and otherwise popped up for me to see.  How in the world was I going to solve such a complex and expansive mystery?
Delving into my inner exercises, I discovered there are many souls guiding me for various reasons.  When my particular external interest changed, there were other guides and masters to assist me.  Once I began to call upon them and knew their guidance and assistance was truly real in my life, I had more confidence that what I was doing in any given moment was more or less in harmony with my purpose.  Assistance is there at all times, but I learned that unless I requested guidance from them, I floundered upon the shores of my stubbornness and ignorance.  Now it was time to clear the confusion and get on with the business at hand, my life.
 I discovered that everything is God, Spirit or Essence.  I choose presently to call it the Allness or the Isness as these are the most encompassing and generic names available to me that prevent it from becoming a limited consciousness.  Perhaps another will come when I allow it.  How can anything in my life be judged as anything but the Allness?  When the awareness of this integrated through my physical body, it became lightning-bolt clear that nothing in my life can be “bad,” for bad can only exist in my reality as a result of judgment towards it.  
For instance, if I asked for assistance with my health and a psychic healer sat next to me on the bus, how could this be anything other than the Allness presenting one avenue to follow?  Was not the “cause” of this situation or result, my request for healing?  Therefore, I practice on a day to day basis that I am the creator in my universe, for better for worse, for richer, for poorer.  This provides me with many opportunities to change my outer results by altering the inner experience, or how I view life in the first place.  I stopped judging anything in my life “bad” or “good.”  I simply view it as another experience put there by my own creative-self to discover more about this thing I call life.
The caverns of my mind that I wander from time-to-time are full of outdated, overworked versions of my reality as I used to view it.  Thoughts, those seemingly harmless creatures no one hears and the words unspoken, kept to myself through the endless opportunities to express myself.  Once the overwhelming evidence proving me the creator in my universe was in, how could I believe that any of this inner activity could possibly be kept from anyone? 
My entire outer life was a manifestation, a reflection of what was going on inside this secret place.  Now, my complaints about my existence, such as my dislike for my neighbor, my financial despair, my physical body, all became an open book for all to read who had the eyes to see.  I realized it was extremely beneficial to discipline my thoughts. This was not so much to clear my negativity as it was to alter results in my life, the results causing me discomfort and unhappiness.  The energy of these thoughts was attracting the exact circumstances of unhappiness in my life and reflecting them back to me. 
Now life began to be more exciting!  Once I could accept that I created my own universe in all areas of this life, I could begin to alter and change it.  The next step was to determine what I felt to be my most valuable things and beliefs and learn how to discard the remainder. This was no easy task in the beginning for never before had I dreamed much about what I wanted, but I wasted a tremendous amount of energy toward what I did not want.  Of course, in doing so, the energy of thoughts was fueling these unwanted realities. 
First of all, I had to withdraw this energy and begin eliminating any thoughts at all toward what I did not wish to retain in my life.  I viewed this like feeding a child, a plant or any growing thing.  If they received food and nourished with love and attention, they would grow and flourish.  If this food and attention were absent for a long enough time, they would eventually perish.  So anything I did not want in my life had to be fed no attention at all.  At this point, I was to uncover how much I wanted and how attached I was to struggle in which I found myself.  It required much more effort to keep my attention OFF what I did NOT want than placing thoughts upon that for which I wished.
Courage became my ally.  Courage had seemed to be related to quests of valor appearing only in life-threatening situations.  Courage took on much more meaning to me as I traveled this new path.  It took considerable courage and discipline for me to live a life I desired instead of comfortably fitting myself into one someone else carved out for me.  I discovered that just to do what I wanted for myself in any moment required more courage than it must have taken on the battlefields of my other lifetimes.  Life is a battle between me and me.
Where do I go from here?  Anywhere I want was the loud and clear answer.  What a task!  Where do I want to go?  What do I want to do?  Who do I want to be?  What does any of this mean?  Now I began to process by elimination, what I did not want in order to find some common denominator in my life that I wished to embellish.  The task was truly clear.  I knew I was soul.  As soul, I was a part of the Allness.  This had become the central part of my knowingness.  How did my current lifetime fit into the scheme of things and how influential is each lifetime I find myself?

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