Saturday, February 13, 2010

What Does Life REFLECT Back To YOU?

Life is an extension of the inner thoughts and feelings we hold at all levels of our beliefs and experience. When the mirror of life reflects to us an image, we have an opportunity to uncover the mysteries that lie deep within our subconscious that we are unaware exist. As we unravel the puzzle, the picture we hold of ourselves becomes increasingly clear. If you understand that nothing happens from outside of yourself, that no cause exists outside your own thoughts and feelings, you begin to take responsibility for the life you have created thus far and extend an intent to change what you have, if it is not to your liking. Only then does your life begin to change.

You are not a victim and your situation is not the result of anyone elses ill feelings toward you or desire to bring harm or shame to you in any way. They are but displaying for you, like a movie or a play, exactly what you are holding about yourself. Look at the situation, as only you view it, and begin to ask yourself the questions regarding this picture that relates to how you relate to yourself or your life.

If, for example, you are viewing someone with anger about an issue, how does that anger reflect the anger you may have toward yourself about the same issue or perhaps the opposite issue? Perhaps you only see in the other person what you are not allowing yourself the freedom to express. It is always a reflection of the attitudes you hold about yourself in the deep recesses of the subconscious.

Mary, we will call her, had a co-worker that she found very annoying to be around because she always had to be right about everything. She would carry on at length about something she obviously knew nothing about which Mary found most objectionable. Mary tried everything to get the lady to leave or move to another department. The more forceful she became the more annoying the lady's behavior seemed to be.

When Mary learned the truth about the reflections life was offering her about herself, she examined how this attitude of being right applied to her. She regrettably admitted that she indeed, herself, felt small and worthless is she was found to be wrong about anything at all.

When she owned this attitude as her own, that life was reflecting back to her, she reached in to identify the old feelings of needing to be right about everything. She realized she was a worthwhile person and it was acceptable to not have all the answers. When she accomplished this full, the lady did move to another department.

Vivian was rooming with a close friend, Marge. Marge found herself without a car for a period of time and requested Vivian drive her to and from work. In the beginning Vivian was happy to assist. Marge became more demanding of being driven everywhere she needed to go and made no effort to obtain another vehicle. Then she was put on night shift and expected Vivian to pick her up at 3 in the morning. The angrier Vivian became about being taken advantage of, the more Marge expected she inconvenience herself.

When asked what annoyed her the most, Vivian's reply was, "Marge always thinks of herself first." Vivian had a life-long pattern of self-sacrifice. She was unable to keep gifts and feeling guilty about the receiving would in turn give them to another. Life was reflecting back to Vivian the inability to give to herself. The lack of self worth was being demonstrated by Marge demanding what she needed. Marge was only responding to the inner feeling of unworthiness Vivian held about receiving what she desired of life.

The universe and everything in it is a vibration or energy. Our beliefs and feelings are energy. Indeed, the human instrument is a package of energy. When this package vibrates itself through life, it is putting out energy to which life responds. It has to attract a like energy, therefore, it reflects back to us a like vibration. It is only a reflection of what we are holding within. . . our beliefs and attitudes and how we fit into the universe. It is an opportunity to release the unwanted and unnecessary beliefs and replace them with the Truth, that you are perfect just as you are. The Truth that you are part of God's plan, that all good things are there for you.

Be In Truth


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