Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Book Is FINALLY done!

It has been a long time since I have posted but my time has been spent writing and publishing my new book entitled, "Insight" under the pen name of Judy Tribune.

The collection of thoughts and ideas represent years of my search for answers about the physical reality in which I live.  Eventually I discovered worlds within, beyond my outer physical senses.  These inner worlds are limitless and offer not only experiences but answers to questions I am having at the time.  These worlds, planes, dimensions are opening doors I did not know existed.  Many of the planes within, beyond my physical experience, are void of description, but are very real.

This first book shares my journey through confusing and conflicting beliefs about spirituality to which you, the reader, may relate in some manner.  I experienced much apprehension and fear of judgment about sharing my initial journey until now.  I now depend totally upon my higher guidance.  This book is about me; it is who I am. 

May the blessings be,
Judy Tribune  (Hansabubbles)

Book is available in both Ebook and paperback.  Click on link to purchase.

Search for Meaning

Triumph arose in the face of confusion and conflicting beliefs.  Who am I?  How does life work?  How many realities and dimensions are there?  Can I change my reality?  When my search for answers began, I was open to any information that may shed light on the reality of “me.”  I knew I was “soul,” but in which mission did I choose to enlist as this personality or collection of personalities?  It became extremely helpful to me to understand how I personally fit into the scheme of things and how all my beliefs fit into this same scheme.  Whenever I tried to learn the meaning of truth, many options and viewpoints, opposing and otherwise popped up for me to see.  How in the world was I going to solve such a complex and expansive mystery?
Delving into my inner exercises, I discovered there are many souls guiding me for various reasons.  When my particular external interest changed, there were other guides and masters to assist me.  Once I began to call upon them and knew their guidance and assistance was truly real in my life, I had more confidence that what I was doing in any given moment was more or less in harmony with my purpose.  Assistance is there at all times, but I learned that unless I requested guidance from them, I floundered upon the shores of my stubbornness and ignorance.  Now it was time to clear the confusion and get on with the business at hand, my life.
 I discovered that everything is God, Spirit or Essence.  I choose presently to call it the Allness or the Isness as these are the most encompassing and generic names available to me that prevent it from becoming a limited consciousness.  Perhaps another will come when I allow it.  How can anything in my life be judged as anything but the Allness?  When the awareness of this integrated through my physical body, it became lightning-bolt clear that nothing in my life can be “bad,” for bad can only exist in my reality as a result of judgment towards it.  
For instance, if I asked for assistance with my health and a psychic healer sat next to me on the bus, how could this be anything other than the Allness presenting one avenue to follow?  Was not the “cause” of this situation or result, my request for healing?  Therefore, I practice on a day to day basis that I am the creator in my universe, for better for worse, for richer, for poorer.  This provides me with many opportunities to change my outer results by altering the inner experience, or how I view life in the first place.  I stopped judging anything in my life “bad” or “good.”  I simply view it as another experience put there by my own creative-self to discover more about this thing I call life.
The caverns of my mind that I wander from time-to-time are full of outdated, overworked versions of my reality as I used to view it.  Thoughts, those seemingly harmless creatures no one hears and the words unspoken, kept to myself through the endless opportunities to express myself.  Once the overwhelming evidence proving me the creator in my universe was in, how could I believe that any of this inner activity could possibly be kept from anyone? 
My entire outer life was a manifestation, a reflection of what was going on inside this secret place.  Now, my complaints about my existence, such as my dislike for my neighbor, my financial despair, my physical body, all became an open book for all to read who had the eyes to see.  I realized it was extremely beneficial to discipline my thoughts. This was not so much to clear my negativity as it was to alter results in my life, the results causing me discomfort and unhappiness.  The energy of these thoughts was attracting the exact circumstances of unhappiness in my life and reflecting them back to me. 
Now life began to be more exciting!  Once I could accept that I created my own universe in all areas of this life, I could begin to alter and change it.  The next step was to determine what I felt to be my most valuable things and beliefs and learn how to discard the remainder. This was no easy task in the beginning for never before had I dreamed much about what I wanted, but I wasted a tremendous amount of energy toward what I did not want.  Of course, in doing so, the energy of thoughts was fueling these unwanted realities. 
First of all, I had to withdraw this energy and begin eliminating any thoughts at all toward what I did not wish to retain in my life.  I viewed this like feeding a child, a plant or any growing thing.  If they received food and nourished with love and attention, they would grow and flourish.  If this food and attention were absent for a long enough time, they would eventually perish.  So anything I did not want in my life had to be fed no attention at all.  At this point, I was to uncover how much I wanted and how attached I was to struggle in which I found myself.  It required much more effort to keep my attention OFF what I did NOT want than placing thoughts upon that for which I wished.
Courage became my ally.  Courage had seemed to be related to quests of valor appearing only in life-threatening situations.  Courage took on much more meaning to me as I traveled this new path.  It took considerable courage and discipline for me to live a life I desired instead of comfortably fitting myself into one someone else carved out for me.  I discovered that just to do what I wanted for myself in any moment required more courage than it must have taken on the battlefields of my other lifetimes.  Life is a battle between me and me.
Where do I go from here?  Anywhere I want was the loud and clear answer.  What a task!  Where do I want to go?  What do I want to do?  Who do I want to be?  What does any of this mean?  Now I began to process by elimination, what I did not want in order to find some common denominator in my life that I wished to embellish.  The task was truly clear.  I knew I was soul.  As soul, I was a part of the Allness.  This had become the central part of my knowingness.  How did my current lifetime fit into the scheme of things and how influential is each lifetime I find myself?

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Monday, June 4, 2012


You speak as if we are separate from you.  Know that we are not.  It is about the world in which we occupy and the many lives we touch.  It is a moment in time that we share and an experience into the future that we venture.  It is about the moments in time that we construct in order to do our work and to tread the path we have chosen.  It is about the moments we occupy on the inner dimensional spaces of our existence and wonder as to the magnitude of it all.  In this world of fantasy and realization, we suggest to you the reader that you venture with us through this portal in time to learn of our existence and the many choices we make moment to moment.

Each one is a difficult and an easy choice at the same time for it continues to expand our knowledge and stretch our trust.  Each moment makes us more of what we already are.  Imagine a giant mound of molding material and all the possibilities that can be molded from it on a whim, on a serious thought, on a dream.  It is all there for you to make, shift, create, ignore.  Whatever you make up is already there for you to move through onto a page of another step.  Each and every step you take is either deliberate consciously or not, but it occurs.  Know that you are the creator God of your life in all dimensions of existence. 

You have an invisible support team known as YOU.  This team is composed of all the realities in which you dwell at all times simultaneously.  We are the fabric of your existence in entirety. We are coming together into your conscious awareness to display the awesome power and magnitude that comprises YOU.  We affect your every thought.  We motivate your every action.  We can express so much more when you become conscious of us.  Together, we are the army of your life.  We are the team that supports you.  We are your past, your present, and your future.  We are becoming a conscious ONE.  When each individual upon the planet experiences their ONENESS within themselves, the collective team becomes the army of the new age. 

We are your future, presently compiling itself into your whole experience.  We are your dreams, your hopes, and your wishes.  We are your fears, your doubts and your anger.  We are the whole of you in all its myriad forms.  Each has an experience that serves you in the vast realm of knowledge and wisdom.  We are the ones to which you seek guidance.  We are the other parts of you that are coming together now.  Listen for us in your dreams.  Request our presence in your imagination.  The openness with which you accept us will assist you through this transition.  The coming together of all the dimensions into a clarity of the present, the now, is why you are facing the doubts, the resistance, the excitement. 

The inner feelings of excitement and urgency are the all of you cheering you on into awareness of our existence.  You will begin to display some inner feelings of intuition, and psychic abilities that before now seemed foreign, if not impossible, for you.  It will become commonplace.  You will know what others are thinking.  You will begin to undergo some transformations in your thinking processes.  You will realize you are so much more than a mere physical human existing in survival mode just to have some happiness and pleasure at the end of your days.  

You will know true joy and inner peace.  It is within your grasp.  All you need do is open your mind and your heart and let us in.  Acknowledge our possibility within the potential of your experience.  You will know what it feels like to be in love with life in all its dimensions and realities.  You will begin to appreciate yourself in all your strengths and all your frailties.  You will become grateful for all the parts of you that were judged bad.  You will meet the many yous that were necessary to bring you to where you stand.  We gave you strength.  We gave you courage.  We are ready to give you congratulations for completing the shift into your total awareness.  We await.  We are anxious.

Delve into your heart thoughts.  Create from the love of yourself and the love of your activities.  You are beginning to show signs of relief at the mere mention of our words to you.  You are moving into a sigh of battles end.  We commend you for your bravery.  It has been a long road.  Your journey from here takes you to a new level of understanding.  In this time frame of your future, you will remember who you are, why you are here and where you are going.  It is but a heartbeat away.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A New Dawn, A New Day

You are standing at the precipice of a new beginning, a new earth.  It is monumental and your action in the scheme of this epic event is to stay within your centers and know you are going in the right direction.  Your path will be intermingled with surprise and events that will awaken your inner consciousness to what is occurring around this wonderful Terra.  Now is the opening of awareness for those who came to divide their attention between the earthly physical and the spiritual realms.  They are merging into a glorious one of which you are a part.  It is the beginning of a cycle that will open the hearts of all remaining on this timeline of experience.  You are all intertwined and your hearts are bursting with the love of God.

The tasks at hand are of joy and peace.  It is a beautiful time and all the colors of the rainbow belong to those who allow love to prevail in their every day lives.  It is the only thing that matters. No one will be left out during the transition phases of this cycle.  It is not by accident that you are here; it was your intention.

Now as you stand overlooking the landscape, what do you see?  Are there many life forms that are new to you?  Are you seeing colors that you've never seen before now?  Does the sun seem brighter and the moon closer?  It is by no accident your perspectives are changing.  Be aware of these changes.  As you do you will begin to notice more and more as the days progress.  It is of value that you spend time alone and within on a regular basis for in those moments you will feel the connection with the whole.  It is a disciplined activity for which you will benefit immensely.

As the end times come to a close you will feel the relief of the burdens taken on so long ago.  You will begin to feel the freedom you have longed for so many lifetimes.  It is a new dawning, a new day.  Yours is the vastness of all that is.  It is you.  Can you feel it?  Carry on with confidence that you are experiencing your life as it was designed by you.  You knew the day would come when you would experience this freedom while living in a physical form.  It is what you came to know and why you are here.  You will spread your energies among those you see and it will be felt as all the connections are made.  These connections spread through the planet as one by one they hook into the wholeness of the one.  It is a blending of all souls and love prevails. 

Love is light and the darkness fades from those who see it and know it.  It is all there is.  Your bodies are light and soul is eternal.  Know this and know you carry within your heart the key to all that is.  The keys are in your grasp and you can accomplish anything you desire.  The power is yours as part of the oneness.  You are the power and the power is you.

Daily messages will be coming through and you will know upon which ones to act.  Every step of your existence has led you to this moment in time.  Time is what you experienced and now no time will become your truth.  Time is an illusion and the events that lead step by step in that realm no longer exist in that manner.  It is as though each step has become the same step and all blends into a oneness that doesn’t move.  It just is.  It is all there is.  You can see and do everything in one moment.  No time separates each step or each experience.  Can you see what we are conveying to you?  There is no time.  There is no space.  There is no separation.  There is only the love that is the oneness of the creator in you all.  It is all there is.  Feel within your heart the truth of which we are speaking.  It is given in love.  It is who you are.  It is what all life is.

Truth is what you perceive it to be.  But love is what you feel it to be.  It is more than emotion you experience, but a wholeness that encompasses your being and your entire existence.  It is what you can only experience through your heart.  Feel for this truth.  It is who you are.  It is limitless.  It is knowledge.  It is love.  It is hate.  It just is.  It is one whole existence with no dichotomy, no duality.  All is one.  All parts of the same wholeness. 

As you step into this new awareness the unveiling of the secrets that have been kept from the masses will become available to those who are ready, to those who have prepared within.  It is an awakening.  It is just the beginning dear ones for you will open to a whole new way of life.  It is an expansion of consciousness.  It is magnificence.

We come to advise you to simply be open and know who you are.  Nothing more can be said at this time.  Simply grasp the immense magnificence of YOU.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life As You Know It Is Changing

There is occurring a great upheaval in the status quo. It will be the beginning of what is to be known as the great depression however, it is misconstrued as there is massive movement toward a more fair and just world. It will only appear to be devastating. In the aftermath will be found a surge of opposing beliefs but there remains only one truth. Out of the ashes will emerge a great undertaking. This will cleanse the dark energies as the light replaces what is now seen as control over your planet.

Moreover there are many ships in your skies that will come to the aid of those in need. It is a massive undertaking and many rejoice. It has become a quest of the light to assist humanity on its road to enlightenment.

Much will ensue as your days advance and the coming year will find the people of earth to awaken to a new form of government and. The obstacles have been removed and there is much progress in the field of finance and banking. It will open the avenues of change so long awaited. As the changes unfold all will see magnificent and positive structure in their lives. Yes, there will be much to do and those who endeavor to assist the planet in becoming a greener more pristine place as she used to be will begin projects that will cause this to occur.

Every being will be affected by these changes and although they appear negative, we assure you they are not. In order for the newly established governments of the world to convene, there is coming a common ground on which they can meet agreeably. It is the beginning of what will become a balance of the energies upon earth. Now we don’t indicate this will be over in a day or two. It is change that has been happening, however, it will begin to take shape and appear more like the intended objective. For those who bury their head in the sand about who they really are will begin to realize the power they have always had and produce advances in their own life situations.

Convey this message to those who are ready to understand what is really happening behind what appears to be chaos. It has a meaning and all shifts in attitude will be rewarded with the change you desire. Attention to the thoughts that produce results will become more obvious and the retention of habits of negativity will begin to cease.

Contain your composure for there is a great shift occurring and the land masses will be affected. Remain calm in the knowingness that it is a necessary step by mother earth but the people will be spared. It is only a shift into greater structure through which can be gained an understanding of truth. It was stated, a beginning of a new earth..

Keep a constant vigil on the thoughts of fear that may surface. Know all is in perfect timing and necessity. Uncovering truth is the main intention and there will be a great awakening. Humanity deemed it so and will be so. As your individual journeys, you are guided and assisted whenever requested. There is help. Just ask.

So Be It

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A New Earth Is Forming

The troops are maneuvering around the planet collecting the knowledge and where withal to enforce the directions of the higher realm. It is a beginning into a new development that will change the earth forever. It is about the frequencies of the planet and how they affect humanity. It is likened to a wolf that paces off his territory to keep out predators, however, this time the earth will allow in more of like kind. It is an enlightened time and the rest of humanity will begin to know their true beginning. It is about knowledge that has been held at bay from humanity. It is a story untold until now. It will wreak havoc in the minds of those holding onto an old reality that doesn’t support the new.

When all is complete the civilizations upon the earth shall live under new conditions and all that is not in harmony shall fade away. It is happening and it is an exciting time. In the new realm there will be much joy and clarity of thought among peoples of earth. There will be mutual understanding and a sharing of all things beneficial. It is a time of renewal and growth. The new earth will be a vast difference than you see today.

Carry within your heart the knowledge that all is one and the connections among one another shall increase the truce among nations. It drives a new world into unchartered territory and begins a cycle of independence and sovereignty. When the frequencies of the planet rise, so do yours dear ones. Your bodies are reacting to these changes and many of you find yourselves in various uncomfortable situations such as pain and sleeplessness. We [promise you this will pass. It is simply your bodily reaction to the changes.

All over the planet is emerging new forms of life and this shall be noted in your news circles in time. New species of animals and plants are forming. Many of your current species of insects and animals are leaving as they were never meant to live in the frequency in which you are moving. Do not mourn for them as it is their life cycle in this reality.

Knowledge of other races off planet will become known in time. There are many who are here to assist and many more simply to watch your graduation into oneness. They are cheering for their family and eager to see you again. Nothing shall impede your progress now. It is so. Be mindful of your bodies and care for them as you would nurture a new seedling. Allow yourselves plenty of rest. Find joyful activities in your days and commune with like minds. It is a way to remove stress from the bodily changes occurring. Now you will begin to have a better understanding of your own bodily rhythms. Listen to it. Your body is wise.

So Be It

Friday, October 28, 2011

Dreams Can Come True NOW

Much information is on the horizon for those with the ears to hear. A transformation is taking place and your place in it will become apparent in proper timing. Understand we do encourage each of you to allow the energies to guide your decisions and actions. We are in readiness to serve your elevation in consciousness. It is a time of joy and celebration but with it comes many appearing adversities. Know that this is only a step moving forward to your intended goals.

As you awaken each day, be aware it is a new day and nothing in your past affects your consciousness unless you allow it. It is a new dawning. Each day is new. There is no karma unless you cling to that belief. Be clear in your intentions and know you have the power to attain what your hearts desire.

Now moving along, we wish to espouse the levels of intention. By this we mean there is an ongoing circle of events that will serve to awaken those who want answers. These will come unexpectedly and shock many of you. These are announcements necessary to cleanse the old way of thinking that has become the norm on Earth. At this time there are many who wish their lives to change but the resistance and old beliefs are holding them back. Dear ones, you need only to open yourself and allow in what is waiting for you to accept. It is a time of abundance and joy. See yourselves where you wish to be and know the energies of this time are supporting every dream. Dream and dream big for it is all possible now.

As for your intended roles, simply know you are being guided. Allow yourselves joyful activities which serve to maintain the higher frequencies and attract more as a result. Everything you do in a day, every thought you have, serves a purpose. It is your homework to be aware of this and determine what they mean to you in your lives.

Everything happens for a reason. This also applies to your dream state as there is no difference between the wake and the dream. Each reflects the other and much can be gleaned from paying attention to both and notice how they intertwine.

A staff of organizers is currently working on a new form of communication that will astound those who presently cannot hear with their physical ears. It is new technology and will become available for everyone. Much is occurring in the field of technology and medicine as well. Your new bodies require a very different form of support so you will see changes in the type of food and supplements to support this change.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

How All Life Changes From Within YOU!

There is coming your way a vast storehouse of information which can be used in a helpful manner. It begins and ends with each of you in that it is an expression of the divine within yourselves. When two objects of interest come together there is a mutual acceptance of experience. It is this attraction to which we refer. It is the beginning of the next step in your journeys. It is what we choose to call synchronicity.

When you step into the life cycle you presently find yourselves, you choose a direction. This direction is being guided by infinite wisdom and love. It is a stage of development that comes to you in a progression or order. In this linear reality you choose to accept experience in a linear order although that is totally not true from our perspective. You see, everything is occurring at the same time and the wonder you see in the moment can be felt in all moments of your existence, past present and even your future.

You are on the brink of discovering who you really are in your power and your own wisdom. You are part of the whole and not separate from the creator. You have total understanding which can be accessed simply by allowing it.

When you observe negative thoughts, you are only judging those thoughts to be unacceptable and then attempt to release them from your experience. If one can rise above the judgment of them being negative and accept they are just another side of the coin of "One", then you can allow them through your consciousness without harm. It is only in the judging of the thought that creates the dam or backup of energy which you feel inappropriate.

From our perspective there is no right or wrong and no right or wrong thought. They are only that, thoughts. When neutralized by love and acceptance they cannot be manifested. Your adherence to this statement will serve as proof in your own reality.

Sounds or vibrations create feelings within the human instrument. They resonate or disturb but all come from the same source, the creator within you. Allowing these vibrations to penetrate your psyche will serve to provide understanding when viewing from a non-judgmental perspective. Simply allow your bodies to feel how they react to the vibration and make choices as to the most harmonious you choose to be influenced by. What is true for one will be disturbing to another. In this physical experience choose only to find that which is harmonious to you and judge not what others desire.

Now, let’s move onto another subject for there is much dissension in the field of energy. It is an extensively talked about phenomenon these days. It is discussed in the areas of healing as well as destruction. Again, we reiterate, the effect is found only in the judgment. All is energy and can be used from any perspective. When viewing from a state of love, the energy can be transformed into that state. The energy judged as detrimental, harmful or unpleasant can be transmuted into the vibration of love simply by adding this attribute to the mix. Do you understand? There is no bad energy, no destructive energy. There is only energy lacking in love. Love transmutes all vibration, therefore all sound.

When you observe your news stories filled with what you call negativity, it is within your power to transmute the energy totally by adding the aspect of love to every situation. You are an important piece of the human puzzle. Your single contribution in this area affects the entirety of human experience. When you rise above the judgment and apply the vibration of love, you are making a change in human evolution. You are increasing the frequency of the planet and her inhabitants by your single perspective of non-judgment. We reiterate. The negativity you see on your news stations is simply an absence of love and you can change that by a simple shift in your own perspective. When enough people shift their perspective, the entire planet will shift into the higher frequency for which she strives.

Your lives, as you see them in this present moment can be changed by a simple shift in the perspective. To add love to every single situation in which you find yourselves can alter your experience in a heartbeat. If you find yourselves short of monetary support, add love and accept it as a loving experience and watch it change. Shift your attention entirely from the lack of something onto something you love and you will attract more of what you love.

If you find your jobs unsatisfactory begin to add love to what you do and love what it is teaching you about yourselves. Begin by loving even one small part of what you do and observe how it attracts more feelings of love. In time you will either love what you do or you will attract a new occupation for vibrations always attract like vibrations. Do you see how you can not attract a job you love doing if you are in the judgmental vibration of dislike. You must first begin to love something and build upon that energy. The love vibration will always win over lower frequencies of negativity, dislike and fear.

There is only one life-sustaining energy in the universe and that is the frequency of Love.

When love is applied to ANYTHING, it changes.

Be In Peace