Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A New Dawn, A New Day

You are standing at the precipice of a new beginning, a new earth.  It is monumental and your action in the scheme of this epic event is to stay within your centers and know you are going in the right direction.  Your path will be intermingled with surprise and events that will awaken your inner consciousness to what is occurring around this wonderful Terra.  Now is the opening of awareness for those who came to divide their attention between the earthly physical and the spiritual realms.  They are merging into a glorious one of which you are a part.  It is the beginning of a cycle that will open the hearts of all remaining on this timeline of experience.  You are all intertwined and your hearts are bursting with the love of God.

The tasks at hand are of joy and peace.  It is a beautiful time and all the colors of the rainbow belong to those who allow love to prevail in their every day lives.  It is the only thing that matters. No one will be left out during the transition phases of this cycle.  It is not by accident that you are here; it was your intention.

Now as you stand overlooking the landscape, what do you see?  Are there many life forms that are new to you?  Are you seeing colors that you've never seen before now?  Does the sun seem brighter and the moon closer?  It is by no accident your perspectives are changing.  Be aware of these changes.  As you do you will begin to notice more and more as the days progress.  It is of value that you spend time alone and within on a regular basis for in those moments you will feel the connection with the whole.  It is a disciplined activity for which you will benefit immensely.

As the end times come to a close you will feel the relief of the burdens taken on so long ago.  You will begin to feel the freedom you have longed for so many lifetimes.  It is a new dawning, a new day.  Yours is the vastness of all that is.  It is you.  Can you feel it?  Carry on with confidence that you are experiencing your life as it was designed by you.  You knew the day would come when you would experience this freedom while living in a physical form.  It is what you came to know and why you are here.  You will spread your energies among those you see and it will be felt as all the connections are made.  These connections spread through the planet as one by one they hook into the wholeness of the one.  It is a blending of all souls and love prevails. 

Love is light and the darkness fades from those who see it and know it.  It is all there is.  Your bodies are light and soul is eternal.  Know this and know you carry within your heart the key to all that is.  The keys are in your grasp and you can accomplish anything you desire.  The power is yours as part of the oneness.  You are the power and the power is you.

Daily messages will be coming through and you will know upon which ones to act.  Every step of your existence has led you to this moment in time.  Time is what you experienced and now no time will become your truth.  Time is an illusion and the events that lead step by step in that realm no longer exist in that manner.  It is as though each step has become the same step and all blends into a oneness that doesn’t move.  It just is.  It is all there is.  You can see and do everything in one moment.  No time separates each step or each experience.  Can you see what we are conveying to you?  There is no time.  There is no space.  There is no separation.  There is only the love that is the oneness of the creator in you all.  It is all there is.  Feel within your heart the truth of which we are speaking.  It is given in love.  It is who you are.  It is what all life is.

Truth is what you perceive it to be.  But love is what you feel it to be.  It is more than emotion you experience, but a wholeness that encompasses your being and your entire existence.  It is what you can only experience through your heart.  Feel for this truth.  It is who you are.  It is limitless.  It is knowledge.  It is love.  It is hate.  It just is.  It is one whole existence with no dichotomy, no duality.  All is one.  All parts of the same wholeness. 

As you step into this new awareness the unveiling of the secrets that have been kept from the masses will become available to those who are ready, to those who have prepared within.  It is an awakening.  It is just the beginning dear ones for you will open to a whole new way of life.  It is an expansion of consciousness.  It is magnificence.

We come to advise you to simply be open and know who you are.  Nothing more can be said at this time.  Simply grasp the immense magnificence of YOU.