Saturday, January 30, 2010


There is but one god, spirit, force, and that is the god that lives within you as the vibrant existence you call your life. At this juncture there is an opening through which you can travel that allows you to experience the oneness for which you search. It is the one path we all must learn to travel to find peace and security. For all else is an illusion of the mind set forth through the desires of the physical self in its longing to feel whole. When you separate yourself from this one core source, you become a victim of circumstance, a victim of the illusion in which you find yourself trapped. Now, stand if you will in the silence of the unmanifested oneness and allow this energy to peruse your physical form. Quiet the mind and go into the full sense of you, the unmanifested spark of god from which we are all a part. You now stand at the threshold of the almighty and from this point in the wholeness you can create for you are in a state of surrender and the most powerful state you can be. It is called the Now, God, Spirit, and numerous other names but it is still the unmanifested source from which all things become manifest.

At this precipice you can allow the creation of the god force to flow through your physical form into this plane you know as physcal and become hardened reality from the mental perspective. Yet is is only a temporary, false reality. The true reality is only known in the space of the oneness from which all things come. All sound originates from this same oneness and is yet another illusion created by the mind. To let go of the mental state in which you find yourself you begin to understand and feel what truth is. Truth is not everything you see, truth is not everything you view but is only the substance from which all things come.

Clarity begins to come to one who moves into this state of nothingness. It is the space between words, the space between musical notes, and the space between the atoms of the chair on which you sit. It is everything that you do not see. Feel for the essence for it will communicate with you through this feeling center in your physical vehicle. You will know truth by the way you feel once you have released the fear or attachment to anything or all things. Creation is but an illusion. Truth is the only reality. Visit this space twice a day and you will begin to see your life, the illusion, change. It will begin to dissolve the disharmony you feel and lead you to a brighter tomorrow. Trust, feel, know.

May The Blessings Be

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do You Acknowlege Yourself?

Each step that is incurred as a developing soul is encumbered by the negativity that surrounds it in the lower worlds of creation. From this point, one must decide which way he is to journey on the path of his own evolution. As you progress along this highway of freedom, prosperity, and enlightnment, you will encounter many obstacles that must be overcome in order to relinquish the hold the negativity has upon you. As this is done each moment becomes a miracle and each thought a journey into the oneness of all that is. When you reach this point, there is nothing that stands in your way of acknowledging the perfect being you are.

You are a perfect being from the moment you are born upon this planet and in this reality. It is only a matter of allowing the magnificent creative spirit or energy to flow through you in every moment of your day. If you but allow the supreme sound current to permeate your life and body, you will see miracles in every moment.

Courage helps to find love in this lower realm of existence, for through it you are lifted into heights of joy and awareness. You will be overcome with the possibilities that exist for you. You will begin to know there is nothing you cannot do or achieve. It is simply a matter of self-acceptance, the perfection of yourself as soul and the knowledge you have all the tools you need to succeed on all levels of your existence.

Now where, you ask, does this journey begin and how do I get started? It is a question you must first ask yourself. Who am I in truth? Why am I here and where do I wish to go? If you can answer these questions from the perspective of truth you are on the right track. As soul, you are perfection from the very beginning. From that point you take on life experiences in various realities to experience and learn and begin to know who you really are in truth. . . soul. But many things get in your way as you allow the negative to influence your thinking and your knowledge. You are told you are nothing, you can't do what you want, you can't have what you want and you feel small and insignificant. Does this sound or feel familiar to you? If it does, begin now to know you are a perfect being. As you travel the days of your experience you will uncover the truth behind the beliefs you have for so long held. You will realize you are the one who has chosen to take on these beliefs by allowing the opinions and influences outside yourself to change your thinking. From inside you begin to mold into a being of acceptance from the outer world and changing your behavior to that of their expectancy of you. Have you not done and said things against your own feelings for fear others will ridicule and condemn you? Have you not spoken in haste and regretted what you said for fear it would hurt someone else?. Can you honestly say you give yourself the same consideration? Do you allow yourself the freedom and the right to be wrong, to be loud, to be free in expression? Do you allow yourself the space to experience and feel and learn? Do you condemn yourself for doing the wrong thing, or saying the wrong thing or can you simply know you have had an experience, learned the result and learned for a future moment?

Can you honestly give youself the freedom to be the true expression of this magnificent creative force that flows through you and experience every moment in its fullest without the fear of repercussion? Can you just be the child that learns, explores and experiences, feels joy, feels sadness, feels loneliness and moves on from the experience as simply a step in the journey? Can you let go of the self-judgment you hold long enough to let an ounce of love flow through toward yourself, this true and perfect vessel of divine influence. You can do no wrong. You can only experience and learn. You are the truth, you are the oneness and you are everything and everyone. There is no separation and you are not apart from anyone else or anything else. It is simply all a part of the same ONE. When you can allow yourself to be the best of the best that you already are, you will accept what you judge as frailties and allow yourself to experience life. You are here to learn and to grow. You will be giving to the whole when you begin to love yourself unconditionally just as you may toward a loved one in your life. Imagine yourself in their place and give yourself the attention, the space, the allowance for mistakes, and the freedom to be, as you would give that same freedom to them. As a result your life will begin to change as you open to this flow of love in action; this love that flows unconditionally and allows everything to be a perfect expression of the divine.

So Be It

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


As the mystic steps into his hell, the worlds begin to change realities within realities. All becomes a flood of confusion, illusion, bliss and pain. If one remains true to the path the veils begin to fade and the Truth begins to shine forth. Within all the frailties of the human condition, one finds the magnificence of the master. Each, in becoming the master, chooses actions, thoughts and emotions to clear and restore the faith that succumbed to lower world beliefs and assumptions. As one progresses upon the ladder of Spirit, the doorways to freedom replace the barricaded walls of the past; the past pain, the past conditions; the illusory perspectives within ones own soul. Therein lays the beginning of love. For without love there can be no gain, no insight, and no progress. The love that sustains the universes sustains us all and within that element lies ones own Truth. For to love oneself as a part of this continuing expanding Allness, lies the seed of eternity. Once the integration of the multi dimensional selves is complete the physical realm becomes the spiritual realm for in Truth there is no separation. In Truth the altering circumstances are only in the perspective. To unravel the mystery of the human condition is to go forth in Spirit. It is to master this condition by merging it with Spirit in a divine wholeness. To be grateful for the human condition is to accept soul perspective. Every life condition expresses the fullness of Spirit. Embrace your human condition, love your circumstances and be grateful to be whole in the eyes of God. Be God.

Within the dimensional realms, one begins to search for a Truth and clarity to ones human self. To accept and embrace it is the beginning of universal Oneness. Surfacing within the hearts of the masses is the courage to realize and accept that all creation has been self-actualized. Upon the road to freedom are the many obstacles placed there by ones very own limitation and judgment of the self. The very obstacles that hold one back are those placed there by the individual himself. To accept responsibility for these creations and to allow forgiveness for self-hate and self-destruction is the first step upon the path of love; to love oneself as the God one is To love the self as one loves those dear is to place the God self as an equal to the creator. To accept ones divine self is to accept all parts of the human self.

Before one commences through the spiritual gate into freedom, one must allow all the limitations to be accepted as self inflicted and accepted and loved for the reasons they served. Acknowledging they no longer serve is the first step in releasing them. No longer do the old judgments and beliefs fit into the reality of love. Each and every one of you is God in expression. All aspects of the self are God and to deny any part is to deny God itself. In the wholeness of the All, to deny one part is to deny it all. You are perfect. You have always been perfect. The last and most important one is to believe this is you. Every experience is a co creation to serve those involved. There can be neither bad nor good but only what one learns from the experience to catapult one along the path of Spirit. To rise above judgment of bad and good is to live heaven on the physical plane. To hold no judgment toward the self, toward others, toward any circumstance is to live in the world but not of it. To allow the Love to fill our hearts for the self is to acknowledge the God within and the wholeness present in the love of God. Can you feel the love within? Can you forgive yourself knowing you are God expressing a multitude of realities in which to know itself more completely? Can you release the negativity of the self to flow away into the reality there was a reason for it? Can you know that you are perfect? Can you accept that all parts of you and your experience and your existence are Divine? When you can do that you can know God. You are a piece of the puzzle of human experience and without you the picture is unfinished. Accept that you are important and already perfect. You always have been. Let go of the judgment you are anything but the Divine, a part of the whole, and a vehicle for the continuing flow of God…positive or negative.

Know you are never alone. Know we, your brothers and your sisters await your awareness of the ever expanding circle of One. All the dimensional selves, all the past selves and all the future selves, are welcoming you into the arms of integrated wholeness. Stand in the conviction you are serving the most by loving all parts of yourself in totality. To stand on judgment is to deny God. Remain open to the flow of Spirit guiding and directing your thoughts and emotions and know there is a clearing taking place in order for the heart to fill with the love that’s always been there for you. Take the leap into your perfection. Not to be godlike and apart, but godlike and human, for in Truth there is no separation.

Be In Peace

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Creator's Intention For Humanity

The adaptation of a new species begins with the intention of the creator. When the intention begins to form the matrix, an avenue of thought opens between the creator and each member of the new species. As the members evolve, the communication between the creator and themselves widens and becomes more conscious. As the species members grow so does the depth of the communication link. As this link becomes stronger, the intention of the creator becomes more prominent within them. Now suffice to say the species known as human that lives presently upon the planet has deepened it's communication channel and now has reached a point in its evolution to begin communication on a conscious level. This is nothing new and has occurred with individuals since the beginning, but it has now reached a proportion whereby the entire species as a collective can begin to understand and see and hear the creator. . . understand the intention and know where they are going. It is all a matter of physics. As the vibratory rate of eah individual rises and the frequency collectively reaches a certain point, this entire species shall move into an entirely new creation that was born of the collective creative thought via the intention of the creator.

The creators vision for the species is reaching a crescendo that matches the intention of the species, therefore, allowing a new form to take shape. It is the original intention and it has occurred. The ramifications of this shift is beginning to show up on this planet and will reveal more of itself in the days ahead. You will be able to watch an entire population become awakened to its true form. It will be an awakening like you have never before experienced for it will embrace the whole of the species. At this time it may seem uncertain to you that a few of you could ever reach this point but it is true. It is happening.

As this change takes place and the tide ebbs, mass development in energies and technology will come forward. The limited consciousness under which you have survived until now will change and you will embrace an entirely new system of government, finance, technology, medicine and awareness. It is in the early stages of manifestation but has truly begun. This state of consciousness was the intention of the creator and you, as individual souls, took on the challenge in order to experience the growth, the awakening and to serve as channels for this divine spirit. Each of you has taken on a specific challenge that, if it has not yet, will become reality in your conscious lives in the immediate future. Be patient as the logistics are measured and put into place. It is simply a matter of time before you understand your true origin as a species.

Be In Peace