Monday, January 11, 2010

The Creator's Intention For Humanity

The adaptation of a new species begins with the intention of the creator. When the intention begins to form the matrix, an avenue of thought opens between the creator and each member of the new species. As the members evolve, the communication between the creator and themselves widens and becomes more conscious. As the species members grow so does the depth of the communication link. As this link becomes stronger, the intention of the creator becomes more prominent within them. Now suffice to say the species known as human that lives presently upon the planet has deepened it's communication channel and now has reached a point in its evolution to begin communication on a conscious level. This is nothing new and has occurred with individuals since the beginning, but it has now reached a proportion whereby the entire species as a collective can begin to understand and see and hear the creator. . . understand the intention and know where they are going. It is all a matter of physics. As the vibratory rate of eah individual rises and the frequency collectively reaches a certain point, this entire species shall move into an entirely new creation that was born of the collective creative thought via the intention of the creator.

The creators vision for the species is reaching a crescendo that matches the intention of the species, therefore, allowing a new form to take shape. It is the original intention and it has occurred. The ramifications of this shift is beginning to show up on this planet and will reveal more of itself in the days ahead. You will be able to watch an entire population become awakened to its true form. It will be an awakening like you have never before experienced for it will embrace the whole of the species. At this time it may seem uncertain to you that a few of you could ever reach this point but it is true. It is happening.

As this change takes place and the tide ebbs, mass development in energies and technology will come forward. The limited consciousness under which you have survived until now will change and you will embrace an entirely new system of government, finance, technology, medicine and awareness. It is in the early stages of manifestation but has truly begun. This state of consciousness was the intention of the creator and you, as individual souls, took on the challenge in order to experience the growth, the awakening and to serve as channels for this divine spirit. Each of you has taken on a specific challenge that, if it has not yet, will become reality in your conscious lives in the immediate future. Be patient as the logistics are measured and put into place. It is simply a matter of time before you understand your true origin as a species.

Be In Peace

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