Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life As You Know It Is Changing

There is occurring a great upheaval in the status quo. It will be the beginning of what is to be known as the great depression however, it is misconstrued as there is massive movement toward a more fair and just world. It will only appear to be devastating. In the aftermath will be found a surge of opposing beliefs but there remains only one truth. Out of the ashes will emerge a great undertaking. This will cleanse the dark energies as the light replaces what is now seen as control over your planet.

Moreover there are many ships in your skies that will come to the aid of those in need. It is a massive undertaking and many rejoice. It has become a quest of the light to assist humanity on its road to enlightenment.

Much will ensue as your days advance and the coming year will find the people of earth to awaken to a new form of government and. The obstacles have been removed and there is much progress in the field of finance and banking. It will open the avenues of change so long awaited. As the changes unfold all will see magnificent and positive structure in their lives. Yes, there will be much to do and those who endeavor to assist the planet in becoming a greener more pristine place as she used to be will begin projects that will cause this to occur.

Every being will be affected by these changes and although they appear negative, we assure you they are not. In order for the newly established governments of the world to convene, there is coming a common ground on which they can meet agreeably. It is the beginning of what will become a balance of the energies upon earth. Now we don’t indicate this will be over in a day or two. It is change that has been happening, however, it will begin to take shape and appear more like the intended objective. For those who bury their head in the sand about who they really are will begin to realize the power they have always had and produce advances in their own life situations.

Convey this message to those who are ready to understand what is really happening behind what appears to be chaos. It has a meaning and all shifts in attitude will be rewarded with the change you desire. Attention to the thoughts that produce results will become more obvious and the retention of habits of negativity will begin to cease.

Contain your composure for there is a great shift occurring and the land masses will be affected. Remain calm in the knowingness that it is a necessary step by mother earth but the people will be spared. It is only a shift into greater structure through which can be gained an understanding of truth. It was stated, a beginning of a new earth..

Keep a constant vigil on the thoughts of fear that may surface. Know all is in perfect timing and necessity. Uncovering truth is the main intention and there will be a great awakening. Humanity deemed it so and will be so. As your individual journeys, you are guided and assisted whenever requested. There is help. Just ask.

So Be It