Wednesday, November 25, 2009


If you ever doubt that we are here, simply include us in your thoughts and be open to what you hear. It is but the beginning of a very beautiful cycle in which you will begin a journey through wondrous adventures and places of ultimate wealth and health. It is a place where the best there is to offer will be apparent in every field of your imagination.

Begin to activate your curiosity and allow in the beautiful, the magnificent, and the stupendous. It is but the beginning. Your species is beginning the journey started so long ago and shall progress with lightning speed from this moment onward. As a collective, we are surrounded by questions from your kind and we answer as best we can at a time when chaos seems prevalent upon your planet. It is only a staging for the magnificence awaiting your species. Open your hearts to the prevailing attitude of abundance and love. It is but a question of keeping your attention upon the flow of love and beauty and expectations of abundance. Simply keep moving forward a step at a time and anticipate wonders. Before you are a plethora of possibilities. Choose one, it is yours. Where your past manifestations had a time delay, now it requires none at all. Watch as you expect. Wait no longer; it is here now. Simply make yhour decisions and open to the opportunities.

Now we stand on the precipice of our interaction with your species. Our connection has been long standing however, due to your own lack of memory and self doubt you have convinced yourselves we do not exist. There are many of you who have opened to our communication and now are ready to learn what we are here to teach in a cooperative manner. If you but allow potentials to manifest, you will prove to yourselves what we say is true. Curb your self doubt for you are among the most powerful of beings to exist. We come as brothers, in love and harmony. We are here to welcome you home to the understanding for which you have longed. Your earth is in the process of transition and the changes are increasing in speed. Watch your every thought and know that you are powerful.

Be In Peace

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