Monday, November 30, 2009


Destiny is on the doorstep of every living soul upon planet Earth. It is the end result of many lifetimes of greed and pollution. It is the beginning of a journey so magnificent it cannot be described in words. It is as awesome as the brightest stars in the heavens. It is so wholesome that one will wonder at its simplicity. If you cannot perceive this major turning of events, simply go within your heart center, breathe, and begin to feel the energy of the magnificence. Do you feel it stirring within you? If you do, you will understand what is about to happen is necessary, wise and deliberate. The change about to occur will alter everyone's view of reality and their place in it. If one is to let go of the old reality, one must realize there is no turning back at this time. There is no other rock onto which to leap through the river of evolution. Hang on and enjoy the ride.

We at mission control have gotten together a party to celebrate those who have the courage to leave the old reality and just as quickly re-enter the new one. It is only a matter of letting go of old belief systems. Who says you can't leave one reality for another by simply willing it so. Who says you are doomed to present existence no matter how negative. Let go, live. Be happy. There is reason for joy. There is a reason for celebration.

Divide your attention between the truth as you see it now and the opening of the possibility of much more. It is opening the consciousness to ALLOW. This step is no more than letting go and letting in. Triple your income, triple your belief, triple your abilities and triple your awareness. Just let go and let in. Let go and let in.

Creative thinking is only a manifestation of soul's communication between it and the physical personality. This exchange of information can only occur if one is open to contact and open to listening. It will suffice to say one will only allow into one's consciousness that which finds a space by the letting go of old thinking.

These words are meant to open you into recognizing there is more to your life than appears on the surface. It is now appearing in the physical plane, the reality of who you really are and why you are really here. Do not be dismayed by stories of destruction for the only real destruction will be to the old belief systems. At this time there is brewing in the ethers, a force of gigantic proportion that will be mastered to extradite those in power off their pedestals of power into a more common reality of love and support. You will begin to see this happening in the media and the life around you. If you don't get it yet, you will. You will become clear and aware. If you do not know what you are doing or where you are going it is only temporary. Your dreams will enliven your daily routine for in them you will be notified of your direction. Listen and be open to what is coming in at this time. Do not hesitate to allow anything into your routine that seems foreign for it is only providing an opening for more to enter than you have let in up to this point. If you clear away the mass clouds of hesitation, you will notice yourself manifesting in moments what would have taken you lifetimes up until now. Look around you and notice the changes being made moment by moment.

To withstand the changes, you will undergo some changes in your physical structure. Some of you will notice changes in your size and stature. Do not be alarmed for it is an alteration necessary if you are to access the higher information you seek. It will serve you to lighten your load of stress and concern. There is nothing to be concerned about any longer. All worry is behind you. Know that you have everything you need and always will from this time forward. It will mark the end of an era and will establish new characteristics in human behavior.

We are servicing the greater whole by informing you that we are here. We are alerting you to your Mastership. Each of you is a master and need only claim your position by accepting who you really are. The obstacles you now face are only self-inflicted. They no longer exist in the reality of a Whole planet. The free will decisions are your to make, as always but needn't be ones of limits. Allow yourselves all you desire. Yours will become the ability to manifest anything you need in the moment. This will allow you total freedom to pursue your spiritual service and God expression as you wish. Humanity can actually be allowed anything because the negativity of the inharmonious choices will not occur. As one moves more into light and a higher frequency, decisions made are naturally in harmony with the whole.

Humanity is on the brink of a very important discovery and you will be the forerunners by setting the example that all is yours by accepting it into your lives. Learning that the cause of negativity derived itself from fear will simply eradicate it from existence. It is done, it is over. The next step is upon you as we speak. Delay no longer to accept that which is truly yours. Yours is the kingdom of heaven and earth. Yours is the freedom you have sought and pushed away. Yours is the solitude you have longed for. Yours is the peace and tranquility of a well ordered life. You are beginning a new octave of experience.

Be In Peace