Sunday, November 15, 2009



There is a greater story to be told by those who seek God and strive to lead a better life. They stand above those who do not search for a greater meaning in life for they have chosen God in that they know themselves and they know from whence they came.

You are no longer at the stage of wondering but of knowing who you are. Now you are on the brink of understanding what this means in its entirety. Going within serves a greater purpose than just knowing oneself. It establishes a connection to a greater source, the divine. This connection proves to be the most valuable lifeline in ones life. There are many obstacles in ones way which serve to detain, confuse, and distract. When this lifeline is established and used on a frequent basis, the means with which to lead this better life opens and the way is shown. When you begin to unfold the true meaning of existence, this lifeline leads in a way never before understood. It widens the communications link with the supreme. It offers solace, peace, truth, knowing and wisdom. It holds ones attention above the lower vibration of doubt and fear. It is this link that becomes the true lifeline that it is.

Standing on a precipice is a terrifying experience until this lifeline reaches out to hold, guide and protect. This link serves the whole in that you are the instigator of your own actions, but guided by a higher wisdom. This wisdom will serve to lead you in the direction you choose for a better existence; a higher existence. For without this lifeline, the negative sweetens the distraction so that you are kept in the mire of indecision, so much as it is an advanced form of self loathing. When you can separate yourself from your desires you can reach your ultimate purpose. It is this attachment to material wealth that holds you to this material plane in your everyday existence. It is not a matter of not achieving material things, but of wanting them more so than the higher wisdom and truth. When you search for truth and place your attention upon it so completely that nothing else matters, you will find all things attracted to you. This is not the same as an attachment to the wanting of God. It is a heartfelt longing for that part of yourself that longs to feel at peace and at home. It is this intense aching for the Supreme that drives one to greater wisdom. It is not about sacrifice or going without. It is about a deep longing for truth. To place your attention upon anything less is to divide you from who you are and to shower you with riches lesser than what you are. Rich is a distraction. Riches come with the knowing you are the Supreme in action and you serve to be an example of this most high degree.

This seed of information is only to remind you of the connection you already have. It is there to be utilized on a frequent basis in the knowing you are guided and directed upon your path at all times. You are reminded you are but a child of God and as such you have all things at your command at all times. It is a knowing, a trust, a given. It is a matter of choice and blessings. It is yours and always available. You search for what you already have. Open your arms to the wealth that waits in the knowing you are part of God’s plan and your part in the universe is already ordained. Open your awareness to the true divine creator you are. You know within what you possess. Go within and discover for yourself that what we say is true. You are already standing in the precipice. Open your eyes and your heart and allow the riches of spirit to fill your heart with the abundance of love streaming to you as we speak. We understand ones predicament in thinking. Is it just a choice you have not made? Is it only misdirection.? Is it a letting go of wanting so you may receive what is already there?

There is another road less travelled; the road to your higher power. This is a road to wisdom that is gained with the experience of life and the trials of human existence. There is meaning in these experiences and you must find a way to extract their truth. In this act you will gain the freedom to understand the true meaning of action, thought and knowing. When you gain understanding of these three factors you will know more of the reality in which you find yourself. It is one of choice, of fact.

When you allow yourself to open to the possibilities that exist beyond your mind, you will know wisdom. It is the ultimate goal for when you place your attention upon this high place, all else comes. It is automatic. It is like allowing the river to flow into the oceans. It is a matter of water turning into ice or the flowers to grow. It is unseen but real. It is the true force of existence and all experiences within. You are being shown the truth of higher worlds in order for you to grasp there are riches available to you yet unexplored that will pale the riches you seek on the physical plane of existence. You are being show there is another form of wealth not yet explored. It is at your fingertips. It is a choice; a choice of attention. When your attention is shifted, your reality shifts. It is a universal law and no man can escape its grasp.

You, therefore, are being asked to live the life you came to live; a life of truth, of wisdom, of knowingness. You are asked to live a life of knowing that all things are available to you when you place your attention upon the highest within.

This place of the most high rests within your heart. It is the avenue through which the riches of God flow. It is the beginning. It is the ending. It is the Omega and the Alpha. It is the all. It is everything you ever dreamed and ever wanted. It is the wealth of the soul. Without this you are but a mere mortal. With it you can conquer the mind and all its pitfalls. It allures you, it awaits you. It is here now. Every man and child may come here to find peace and solace and wisdom. It is the end of searching. It is the beginning of knowing. It is who you are. It is truth. It is magnificence; it is clarity of purpose. It will guide you. It will sustain you. Go within and discover this magnificence within you. It is merely a tool, yet it is the all that is. It lives within you. It is all you have ever wanted or dreamed. It is yours. It belongs to every man.

Peace Be With You

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