Friday, November 20, 2009


Beings are arriving upon your planet to view what they term a colossal event that has never been witnessed before by the multitudes living in this universe. It is an event of great magnitude in that the masses of humanity are moving from a limited state of consciousness to one of enlightened beings with full consciousness of their beginning. It will surface as the days progress for there is a great awakening of humanity occurring. At this time there will become available to all of you, the tools necessary to establish a better government and a way of living your lives on this planet. The planet herself is readying for the event which will change her surface completely from toxicity to the pristine beauty of her past. When this happens humanity will awaken to a new life in all aspects. You will begin to see the end to poverty and disease and there will be health and wealth availalbe for all humanity. It will become a happier environment to raise children and animals for there will be no more slaugher as present. New forms of energy will allow the earth to breathe and humanity will enjoy what they do on a regular basis. If you can grasp just one small portion of what you are creating you can relax in the knowing that the work you agreed to do in preparation for this is done. Your new jobs will be to teach others how to use this newly gained awareness and the accompanying power.

Delve deeply inside and feel for your particular role for it is nearly upon you all. It has been planned since before you arrived in the current experience. If there is any doubt, it will soon disappear. The masses will be in need of direction and it is you who they will seek for answers. They will have a knowing that attracts them to you. Do not stand in your own way when this begins to occur; it is time. Take your place in the new reality that you have earned and know you are all guided in this endeavor.

Imagine a world without strife, with plenty for all to eat. Imagine the clear skies and the clean rivers. Imagine that everyone loves what they do and they all have a home in which to house their children. Imagine the supply of energy as clean and free to everyone. Imagine a government that is ruled by and for the people and the greed disappearing from the corporations. Imagine a banking system that is to support the people and business in a fair manner. What you dream today will become tomorrow. It is here, it is upon you and it is time to begin creating how you wish it to be for all of humanity. We are all one; there is no separation; what you dream for yourselves, you dream for all. You are standing on the brink of discovery in many fields including medicine and science. New technology will be amassed upon the planet and space travel as well as time travel will become yours. It is in your very near future dear ones, be prepared. The world of your past will become a dim memory; the light of your future shines brightly.

Now you ask about our arrival and it is time to tell you we will soon be seen in your skies by the masses for it is destined. You will remember us and there will be great reunions as we welcome you to your new reality. As the masses awaken there will be a great gathering and humanity will remember its brothers and sisters. Carry within your hearts the feeling of love we have for you and the gratitude we feel. There is nothing you can't do and your limitations are about to be lifted as the memories of your pasts come into full view and recall. You are near the end of your dark journey into forgetfulness and about to open the doors to a whole new earth experience. We applaud the work you have accomplished and look forward to our reunion.

Be In Peace

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