Monday, June 4, 2012


You speak as if we are separate from you.  Know that we are not.  It is about the world in which we occupy and the many lives we touch.  It is a moment in time that we share and an experience into the future that we venture.  It is about the moments in time that we construct in order to do our work and to tread the path we have chosen.  It is about the moments we occupy on the inner dimensional spaces of our existence and wonder as to the magnitude of it all.  In this world of fantasy and realization, we suggest to you the reader that you venture with us through this portal in time to learn of our existence and the many choices we make moment to moment.

Each one is a difficult and an easy choice at the same time for it continues to expand our knowledge and stretch our trust.  Each moment makes us more of what we already are.  Imagine a giant mound of molding material and all the possibilities that can be molded from it on a whim, on a serious thought, on a dream.  It is all there for you to make, shift, create, ignore.  Whatever you make up is already there for you to move through onto a page of another step.  Each and every step you take is either deliberate consciously or not, but it occurs.  Know that you are the creator God of your life in all dimensions of existence. 

You have an invisible support team known as YOU.  This team is composed of all the realities in which you dwell at all times simultaneously.  We are the fabric of your existence in entirety. We are coming together into your conscious awareness to display the awesome power and magnitude that comprises YOU.  We affect your every thought.  We motivate your every action.  We can express so much more when you become conscious of us.  Together, we are the army of your life.  We are the team that supports you.  We are your past, your present, and your future.  We are becoming a conscious ONE.  When each individual upon the planet experiences their ONENESS within themselves, the collective team becomes the army of the new age. 

We are your future, presently compiling itself into your whole experience.  We are your dreams, your hopes, and your wishes.  We are your fears, your doubts and your anger.  We are the whole of you in all its myriad forms.  Each has an experience that serves you in the vast realm of knowledge and wisdom.  We are the ones to which you seek guidance.  We are the other parts of you that are coming together now.  Listen for us in your dreams.  Request our presence in your imagination.  The openness with which you accept us will assist you through this transition.  The coming together of all the dimensions into a clarity of the present, the now, is why you are facing the doubts, the resistance, the excitement. 

The inner feelings of excitement and urgency are the all of you cheering you on into awareness of our existence.  You will begin to display some inner feelings of intuition, and psychic abilities that before now seemed foreign, if not impossible, for you.  It will become commonplace.  You will know what others are thinking.  You will begin to undergo some transformations in your thinking processes.  You will realize you are so much more than a mere physical human existing in survival mode just to have some happiness and pleasure at the end of your days.  

You will know true joy and inner peace.  It is within your grasp.  All you need do is open your mind and your heart and let us in.  Acknowledge our possibility within the potential of your experience.  You will know what it feels like to be in love with life in all its dimensions and realities.  You will begin to appreciate yourself in all your strengths and all your frailties.  You will become grateful for all the parts of you that were judged bad.  You will meet the many yous that were necessary to bring you to where you stand.  We gave you strength.  We gave you courage.  We are ready to give you congratulations for completing the shift into your total awareness.  We await.  We are anxious.

Delve into your heart thoughts.  Create from the love of yourself and the love of your activities.  You are beginning to show signs of relief at the mere mention of our words to you.  You are moving into a sigh of battles end.  We commend you for your bravery.  It has been a long road.  Your journey from here takes you to a new level of understanding.  In this time frame of your future, you will remember who you are, why you are here and where you are going.  It is but a heartbeat away.

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  1. So nice to have found this. Thank you for being part of the movement forward/outward/inward (expansion!).